When Not to DIY: Boiler Repair Problems That Require a Pro

Did you know that there were 367,900 heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers in the United States of America, in 2018?

This is good news for those who are experiencing problems with their boilers, especially as winter approaches.

Some people might be tempted to fix their own boiler problems, however, sometimes you need an expert to do it. Check out whether your boiler repair problem needs to be fixed by a professional.

Broken Boiler: When to Get Help From a Professional

Although it might be tempting to save money and time by fixing the central boiler problems yourself, it might not always be a good idea. Especially if you don’t know anything about boilers or don’t have the tools to fix it. These are two definite signs that you need to get a boiler service and repairs professional in. 

Boiler Signs That Mean You Need to Get It Repaired

One common sign that you need to have your boiler repaired is if you don’t have any heat or hot water. There are various reasons why you might not be getting heat or hot water, for example, broken airlocks or failure of motorized valves. A residential boiler repair service near you will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it, don’t try to fix it yourself. 

Another common sign that you need to have your boiler repaired is that the pilot light keeps on going out. This might be happening for a number of reasons, for example, your thermocouple might be broken, or there might be a deposit build-up in the pilot light. Again, this is a repair problem that needs professional attention and to be fixed as soon as possible.

Another common boiler problem people have is when the boiler keeps losing pressure. This might be caused by a water leak in your plumbing system, or if you have recently had your radiators bled.

In this instance, you can check the pressure gauge (which should be on the front of your boiler). Then you can check your user manual to see if there are any details about how to repressurize your boiler. If you are unable to fix the problem after this, then you’ll need to call in a professional who’ll be able to sort it out for you.

If you’re located in the Denver area and you think you need a professional to help you with your boiler, then check out this boiler repair service, who has over 25 years experience. 

Follow Our Boiler Repair Guide

As much as we all like to save money and do household repairs ourselves, sometimes this isn’t practical. Follow our guide on when to get a pro to help you with your boiler repair and make sure you never take on any project that you don’t feel comfortable with.

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