Distracted Driving Solutions: How to Avoid an Unnecessary Accident

In 2018, traffic accidents caused around 40,000 fatalities for the third year in a row. More experts are advocating and developing distracted driving solutions to prevent these fatalities. However, these measures have only caused a decline of less than 1 percent due to drivers not taking them seriously.

Are you avoiding distractions while driving your car? If not, you should consider learning the best ways to prevent distracted driving.

Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 texting and driving prevention measures you should try to avoid any traffic accident.

1. Don’t Text and Drive

Companies and government agencies have been deploying aggressive campaigns about texting and driving. While some drivers have listened, it’s still one of the major causes of car accidents.

If you gravitate to your phone while driving, you should consider getting a don’t text and drive app such as Lifesaver, On My Way, Canary, among others. These apps are free and can save your life.

2. Groom Yourself Before Driving to Your Destination

You may want to look perfect for the party or event you’re attending. However, grooming yourself while driving can cause an accident.

You stop paying attention to the road when you choose to put on makeup or brush our hair while driving to your destination. Make sure to establish a routine of grooming yourself and getting ready before getting on the road to prevent a fatality.

3. Avoid Eating While Driving

Eating your takeout, lunch or snack may seem tempting when you spend a long time driving. Yet, eating while driving can cause an accident because you take your eyes off the road. Don’t fall into temptation and put your food in the back seat or a place where you can’t reach it.

4. Plan Your Route Before Getting on the Road

You may think you know the area you live like the palm of your hand. However, there’s always a chance of getting lost due to traffic conditions or even having an off day. Before getting on the road, you should plan your route to your destination.

Taking this time will allow you to locate yourself and know where you’re headed. Today, it’s easier than ever to plan your route by using a GPS.

5. Don’t Drive When You’re Feeling Drowsy

You may think driving while intoxicated is the only time when you shouldn’t drive. The best practice is having someone else drive or considering ride-sharing services to get to your destination. However, you should keep in mind alcohol isn’t the only reason why you may feel drowsy.

Exhaustion and prescriptions are other typical causes of drowsiness. If you suffer an accident due to this drowsiness, you should consider contacting a Nashville Injury Attorney to learn about what you can do about your damages and car accident.

Will Our Distracted Driving Solutions Make a Difference?

Believe it or not, implementing our distracted driving solutions can help you prevent a traffic accident. If your pet peeve is texting while driving, you should consider downloading an app to stop receiving text notifications when you’re on the road.

Another good practice is setting up a routine before driving to your destination. You should make any necessary adjustments to your seats, mirrors, and GPS. Make sure to arrange all your belongings so they don’t roll around your car. While our tips may seem like a no brainer, it’s important to keep them in mind to avoid any accidents.

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