5 Instances Where You Should Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster

In the United States, each year about 200 million insurance claims get denied.

Navigating through the policies and procedures of any insurance company is daunting for any person. If you’re having trouble dealing with your insurance company and getting your payout, you need the help of a public adjuster.

Read on to learn when you should hire a public adjuster.

1. Potential for a Higher Payout

Without a public adjuster, oftentimes, people don’t get the fair payout. Because public adjusters know the ins and outs of the game, they can get homeowners a higher payout. 

If you believe you can get more money than what the insurance company offers you, a public adjuster can offer you a second opinion. A public adjuster will be able to advocate for you to the insurance company. 

2. Not Familiar with the Language

It’s no secret most people are not experts when it comes to complex insurance policy documents. Many people might feel ready to throw in the towel when they receive the insurance documents because they don’t understand the language. 

A public adjuster is an expert at knowing the language included in insurance policies and claims. They can help you navigate through the process and present the language to you in a way you can understand. 

3. Save Yourself Time

When you have a family and have to juggle home and work responsibilities, the last thing you want is to have one more. 

One of the best reasons to hire a public adjuster is to save yourself some time. The public adjuster will take over the claim and follow all of the procedures necessary, so you don’t have to. 

All you have to do is check-in with them to stay updated and they will take care of the rest. 

4. Protect Your Rights

When you don’t understand your policy, you might not fully know all of your rights. 

A public adjuster understands the expectations and policies of the insurance companies, which gives you the upper hand when it comes to protecting your rights. An insurance adjuster will be more aggressive to help you get what you want. 

With a public adjuster in your corner, you will have a bigger chance of your claim getting approved. For example, at Kerby & Associates, they’re experts at protecting the rights of all of their clients and getting them the best possible outcome.

5. Faster Resolution

Let’s face it, whenever you deal with any insurance company, they always make you jump through hoops. Since you don’t know how the system works, you will spend months dealing with them.

A public adjuster knows the industry in and out, so they will use their expertise to provide you with a faster resolution for your claim.

Reasons You Need a Public Adjuster: The Bottom Line

Now that you know about the reasons why you should hire a public adjuster, you can decide if it’s the right move for you. 

A public adjuster can save you time, provides you with a faster resolution, and will always protect your rights. 

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