9 In-Demand Tech Jobs You Should Be Eyeing in 2019 and Beyond

In a world that revolves around technology, tech is one of the best and most reliable industries to get into. With technology only expanding, this demand will only be more prevalent as time goes on.

Interested in getting started in the tech industry to ensure a stable future? Keep reading for in-demand tech jobs that may be just what you’re looking for.

1. Cybersecurity engineer

Wondering what this intimidating title means?

Security is a top priority for major companies, and this is where a cybersecurity engineer comes in. Not only do these engineers protect the privacy of companies, but also of their customers. Companies know that ensuring customers’ security can help make sure they’ll retain them.

These engineers develop and implement software to make sure sites are protected from hackers and other threats. This well-paid job is essential for any company where online safety is a necessity.

To get into this field, one must have a firm understanding of information security and applications. While every company and position differs, it is good to have an understanding of product and software testing, as it is a common practice in this career.

Professional experience, certification, and education may all be factors employers could require for this important role.

2. Data Scientists

This job is all about problem-solving. If this is one of your strong suits, especially if you have a background in analytical data, this is the job for you.

Most data scientists have a background in analytics or statistics and are entering this new career field because it is very sought after and well paid. Data scientists have many responsibilities within a company, from collecting data and making it legible for your team to tracking trends in data.

This job is fairly new, only gaining attention in the last 10 years. For this role, employers are looking for individuals with an impressive skill set that includes text analytics and pattern recognition.

3. Network Engineer

Are you fluent in network and communication system and wondering what the best fit for you is in the tech industry? Network engineering is a step up from a network administrator and is a great way to move up in the networking industry.

If you’re a good network problem solver that likes to oversee performance activity, you may be a great candidate for this role that can take you places in the tech industry. A background in a network of computer science is a requirement for this role that is at a 6% employment increase.

4. Business Intelligence Developer

The goal of a business intelligence developer is to optimize. Whether it comes to storage or data, this role oversees information and database systems.

While this field is growing and profitable, it requires a vast skill set. These developers must be able to juggle system design, coding, troubleshooting, as well as managing IT teams and more.

Business administration experience and tech skills are required for this complex role. To find out more about IT teams, head to this helpful site.

5. Web Developer

Web developers are in high demand for any company looking for a user-friendly website. These positions are popular among tech folk, because they can often be freelance, have their own web developing company, or work for a company remotely. With the rise of mobile culture, a web developer may also be required to make sure the sites they work on are mobile-friendly.

While user accessibility in navigation and design are essential, a web developer must also be fluent in coding.

A degree in web developing is typically required. For the best online education programs for tech jobs, head to this helpful guide.

6. Mobile Application Developers

There is an app for almost anything in today’s mobile-based culture. That’s why mobile application developers are one of the most in-demand tech jobs this year.

These developers make sure that apps are easy to use on a multitude of mobile software systems, from iPhones to Androids. These services are sought after by companies who already have apps and want to improve them. Individuals also seek out these services when they have a great idea they’re trying to turn into an app but don’t have the software design experience to do so.

With this job, you will probably work on a team with other application developers to complete projects. If you are interested or experienced in software or mobile development and design, this is a great option for you, as it is currently one of the top-paying jobs in the tech industry.

7) User Interface Designer

This job role is focused solely on easy navigation for users and consumers. These designers are more on the creative side of tech, designing and creating software. Troubleshooting is another main role of an interface designer, so they should have a foundation in technological knowledge.

Critical thinking is a daily part of this occupation. This designer’s goal is to make a stylistic and appealing interface that is user-friendly and inviting. This job is expanding, as it is used in voice automated systems as well.

Get Started with In-Demand Tech Jobs Today

If you are interested in technology, the tech field is a great career path, as roles are only growing and are in higher demand. Now that you know all the best in-demand tech jobs, it’s time to get started. There are so many educational opportunities, from tech school to online education platforms that can help you get your degree in whatever tech role most interest you!

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