5 Secrets to Success of the Best Water Tank Cleaning Businesses

The human body is around 60% water. We need water to drink, cook, wash and irrigate crops. Contaminated water results in 3.4 million deaths and countless illnesses throughout the world.

Water safety, cleanliness and hygiene are of vital importance. Even in modern, first-world countries, opportunities for viral or bacterial infection lurk in the water supplies. Regular cleaning of water tanks eliminates bio-film and any hitchhiking infectious microbes. 

Water tank cleaning and disinfection once a year keeps water pure and prevents waterborne illnesses. Water tank cleaning businesses have an ongoing and steady clientele.

Read on to learn the 5 secrets to success in the water tank cleaning business.

1. Education is Your Friend

Rainwater storage tanks build-up sludge, sediment, leaf litter, insects, bird debris and animal carcasses. Often, this will not affect water taste or colour until contamination levels are very high. 

The most successful water tank cleaning businesses offer free contaminant testing. Their sales educators go into homes and businesses with testing kits.

Drinking water and hot water tanks also need regular testing. With proper care, filtration and sanitation, full cleaning might be necessary only every other year.

2. Don’t Just Offer Water Tank Cleaning

An annual visit to municipal water storage tanks and commercial water heaters is an excellent time to educate people about hard water damage, tank liner damage and more. Older water tanks exposed to the elements degrade over time. 

Offer replacements like the newest products from The Water Tank Factory. A new slimline steel tank offers water storage and a stylish, unobtrusive profile. Water heater repair and replacement, water filtration, UV sanitation, etc. are good line extensions. 

3. Embrace Technology

Water cisterns need regular inspection. However, the cost of a professional diver is out of the question for many owners. New drone and camera technology developed for the petrochemical industry, allows an operator to remain dry and do a full inspection with video evidence.

You can even complete a field report, attach a video and send it directly to your customer’s mobile phone. 

4. Offer Superior Customer Service

Use a contact management system to efficiently keep track of your customers and potential customers. With the right prompts (like annual inspection and cleaning reminders) you can build a business of ongoing maintenance income. You can also anticipate sales opportunities.

Pick your representatives well. A warm manner and willingness to help is always welcome. Add-in on-time service and honest estimates, too. You will have the advantage!

5. Be the Local Expert Problem Solver

Know who your customers are. Know your potential customers’ needs and local hazards. Urban rooftop cisterns and pressure pumps are very different from borehole tanks or commercial water heaters. 

Keep up your own education with industry updates and frequent best-practices training. Specialize to build loyalty and reputation. If you choose a niche where you can shine, you soon have other customers seeking your services.

Looking for More Business Tips?

Entrepreneurs running a water tank cleaning business wear many hats. Sometimes you are the payroll clerk, sometimes the telephone operator, and always the boss. Keep reading this blog for helpful tips to market your business and hire only the best people.