5 Ways Accounting Businesses Can Jump Start Their Success

Do you want to start an accounting firm but have no idea how to find your first customers?

You might have the best service offering in the world but if nobody knows how to find you then all your hard work will be wasted! 

Don’t panic: accounting businesses succeed time after time because people always need someone with a head for figures to help with their personal or business financials. 

This quick-fire guide will help you find the right customers to supercharge the launch of your new accounting firm!

Who Is the Target Customer?

Before you start your marketing strategy, consider your target customer. Do you want to handle business or personal financials? What size portfolio would you like to manage? Do you specialize in any particular area of finance?

Create three ideal customer personas by asking questions like:

  • What is their overall demographic?
  • What do their portfolios look like?
  • What do they need accounting help with?
  • Why are you the best accounting firm to solve their problem?

Knowing your ideal target customer that you’d love to work with will help you to narrow your marketing efforts to the right niche straight away.

5 Ways Accounting Businesses Can Supercharge Their Success

When you know who you’re marketing to, it’s time to look at your strategy. Try these 5 ways to supercharge the launch of your new accounting firm and get the best customers straight away.

1. Get a Business Coach

Seek business advice from a professional coach before you launch your new accounting service. 

Investing in getting your business plan right, with the help of an experienced professional, will pay off in the long-term. You’ll shape your vision and strategy much quicker than the typical ‘try it and see’ approach of many startups.

2. Claim Your Google My Business Page

Local SEO is essential for accounting firms looking for new customers. People like an accountant they can visit face-to-face because of the sensitive nature of financial conversations.

Claim your free Google My Business page to make sure you show up in searches made by potential customers in your area. Include your contact information, business location, services, and opening times so that it’s easy for anyone to get in touch.

3. Post Regular – Useful – Content

A static website is not only a boring one but also won’t be a friend to search engines, either. Invest in quality content on your website in the form of a blog. Regularly refreshing your content helps you rank on Google’s first page.

Useful content also shows potential customers that you can walk the talk. Sharing knowledge for free helps people feel valued. In turn, this builds trust with your brand and helps you to generate warm leads from your blog readers.

4. Network, Network, Network

Get out to local networking events and use old-fashioned business cards to make sure you’re remembered.

Always follow up after an event with a personalized email to every contact you collected. Even if you’re not right for them – or vice versa – their personal network is of value to you, too. Build personal relationships to boost your networking – and referral – potential.

5. Get Social

Claim your business handle on the major social networks and start connecting with local businesses who may need your services.

Look out for online networking events, too. Just remember it’s not about selling your services: instead, answer questions and share knowledge or experiences to support others.

A good example of social networking events could be a local Twitter hour. People log on at the same time each week to connect and network using a set hashtag. Regular participation will improve awareness of your business in the local community, making people more likely to reach out when they need your help.

Find More Startup Marketing Tips 

Accounting businesses work well in local and wider communities because people will always need someone to help them navigate the complexities of finances.

However, you’ll need more than your marketing strategy for launch if you want to carry on succeeding beyond your first year of business! Check out our marketing blogs to gather more information about making your new accounting firm a resounding success long into the future.