Write Your Way to Success: How to Use Blog Marketing to Grow Your Business

Ever wonder how to reach new customers? Ever feel like you could learn more about how to use today’s technology to evolve your business?

Blog marketing is a powerful business strategy that will direct traffic to your website helping grow your business and audience.

The idea is to meet your market where they’re already consuming media to easily grow your audience.

Blogs started out as personal online diaries when they were originally built. They were websites that were manually uploaded and maintained. Blogs have modernized as times gone on, because of this they’re often lumped in with social media now.

Successful blog marketing will optimize traffic to your home business page through your blog itself. Figuring it out on your own is a painful process but don’t worry, we’ve broken down some of the basics for you! 

Make A Blog Marketing Plan

Like any good marketing strategy, you need to start with a plan. What are you going to share on your blog? How often will you update it? How engaging will you be? What are your long and short-term goals when it comes to your blog?

It’s important to start out with a clear vision of your desired outcome to make sure your content is relevant to both the appeal of your audience but is still entwined with your blog goals. 

You will achieve the best results if you begin by thinking of the end. Your blog marketing plan will be most effective the more detailed and thought out it is.

Platforms, What Are They?

After you finish (and reread) your blog marketing plan, you can actually make your blog! Nowadays, there are many platforms on which to make your blog, making it hard to know where to begin.

Do your research to find which site would be the best for your skill level and targeted audience.

Some sites are more user-friendly which are better for beginner bloggers, while other websites might be slightly more complicated but allow you to customize your blog more. 

Well-Crafted Consistent Content

The way to create an effective blog is by being consistent. Content should be focused on the interest of your market but consistent with your business plan and goals.

An easy way to ensure consistency while generating content is by creating a brand voice.

This is your blogs overall tone or theme. That being said, don’t trade consistency for quality, align yourself with a specific message that reaches a specific audience. You can read more here about creating a concise blog post.

To ensure a consistent and regular schedule for posting, look for an automatic publication program. There are a couple of programs out there who will allow you to schedule blog posts in advance to post regularly throughout the week.

This is helpful because it will not only help you create a consistent output of content but it will also give you more time away from your computer.

Which is valuable when you’re creating your blog for marketing because then you can allocate more of your free time to your home business website.


Another way to establish the effectiveness of your content is to work on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

SEO is how to craft your content in a way that is easily indexed and ranked by major Search Engines like Google.

One of the easiest ways to increase your SEO is through Keyword Density. How often a keyword or phrase appears in your content.

You don’t want to over saturate your content with keywords to the point where it is noticeable in your writing but you want your keywords to appear abundant and natural. 

However, having a higher SEO ranking than your opponents will rank your promotional blog better in the Search Engine, ultimately directing more traffic to your home business page. 


Backlinking is another great blog marketing strategy! Backlinking is a technique when the content creator includes links to an authoritative site with topic-related content. 

Treat these backlinks like you would your keywords, you don’t want to over saturate your content with backlinks but you do want your backlinks to appear abundant and natural.

Creating a consistent content flow combined with your assured keywords and backlinks will increase your SEO and will rank your blog higher in the search engine. 

Engage Your Audience 

Once you create a consistent stream of content, you should start engaging with your audience. Remember earlier, we mentioned social media is now being referred to as a blog more often than not. 

The medium is changing and you can use that to your advantage. Start an ongoing conversation focusing around your content.

That will create a marketing mindset around your material and it is all reiterating your goal, directing traffic to your home business page.

It’s also a smart idea to have a strategy in place to meet customers where they’re already consuming media like Facebook, or Instagram. Plus this not only opens a conversation with your market but allows you to provide feedback and customer service, also. 

Blog Marketing Made Easy

One of the biggest pros about blog marketing is that it’s easy and free to start! Start with a thorough plan, research a platform, begin your consistent stream of content and start engaging your audience.

Remain focused on your content topic, and primary goal: gaining traffic to your home business blog.

These tips won’t only improve your overall marketing strategy but will also drive long-term results for both your promotional blog and home business page.

Check out our blog for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategies.