How to Find the Right Dog Walker For Your Pet

If you’re like most dog owners, you’re very protective of your favorite pet and want to look out for their best interests.

But just like a parent who has to take a deep breath and let go when taking their kid to school for the first time, you’ll need to find people who can help with your dog.

Hiring a dog walker helps your dog get plenty of exercise and gives you some balance to your life.

With this in mind, this article details why hiring a dog walker is an impeccable decision, and how you can make the right hire for your pooch.

Let’s read on and learn more about making this decision.

Why Hiring A Dog Walker Is A Must-Have Life Hack

Quality time with your dog is awesome, but you’re leaving a lot of benefits on the table if you don’t hire a dog walker at least occasionally.

We all know the feeling of guilt that we get when work gets too hectic and you just don’t have time to go for a walk. It can be a gut punch to see your dog staring at you expectedly with those sad eyes, leash in mouth, hoping you get the hint.

A dog walker can step in whenever you’re too busy.

Doing this makes sure your dog never misses out on much needed daily exercise. This way, your dog won’t end up in the 54 percent of dogs in the US that are obese.

Hiring a walker lets you finally get your own health in line as well. Lack of time is the biggest reason people give for not working out. Now, you can hire a personal trainer and put your gym membership to use, knowing your dog is in good hands.

Professional dog walkers also know where the best parks are located. Engaging with other dogs at these parks helps your dog socialize, which helps with behavior in and out of the home.

Now that you know why this hire is important, let’s nail down the characteristics of a top notch walker.

Hiring The Best Candidate To Walk Your Dog

Reliability is the most important factor when choosing a walker.

You need to make sure they’re always on time so that you’re able to squeeze this service into your schedule. Find out specifically which employee will be walking your dog.

Dogs are pack animals, so it’s important that your dog gets along with the person walking it. You should also ask about their experience with training, dog behavior, and overall care.

Make sure that some thought goes into how many dogs the walker handles and which breeds and specific dogs are walked together.

Each breed has its own personality traits and quirks, as explained by breeders like Crumps Bullies.

Ask about their routes and let them know about any needs or restrictions your dog has. It’s also important that you ask about rates, and shop until you find a price that you find most affordable.

A¬†might typically charge by 15-minute, 20-minute and 30-minute sessions. Pick the time period that will let your dog burn off some energy, so they’ll get a good night’s sleep later on.

If you’d like to find a walker near you, search a database of independent contractors and begin exploring rates.

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