Do CPR on Your Networking Skills: 5 Effective Networking Tips for Doctors

The world is changing every year and so is the marketing game. Traditional advertising campaigns in print and media are fading fast.

Did you know that United States businesses are projected to spend nearly $50 billion advertising on social media by 2021? This paradigm shift affects all businesses, including those in the medical industry.

Read on to learn how to market your services in today’s digital age. Explore 5 effective medical networking tips that are certain to grow your practice.

1. Get on Social Media

The easiest way to network is using free social media tools. The most popular network for professionals is LinkedIn. The networking platform has nearly 470 million members.

Besides LinkedIn, the best way to reach local clientele is Facebook. It allows you to create a business page and have interactions with your customer base.

Perhaps most important is that prospective customers can search for your medical practice. They can also read reviews and testimonials from your other patients.

There are other social media platforms that are effective ways to interact with professionals and clients alike. For instance, both Snapchat and Instagram are effective tools for networking with a younger demographic.

2. Join Medical Organizations

Another great way to network your practice is to join professional organizations. You can search for these organizations using your new social media accounts.

However, now it is time to take the next step and join. Become an active member in the organization and create relationships with other medical professionals.

This is a great way to get referrals and increase your customer base.

3. Start a Blog

The next key to marketing your practice is starting a blog. Here, the primary objective is to drive traffic to your website.

You can use the blog content to demonstrate expertise in your field of practice.

Sharing quality content on social media is the first step. Next, construct blog posts so they are easily found in search engine results.

This is accomplished using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. These are tactics like using a keyword that is likely to be used in a web search. One example is featuring the keyword house call doctor so that web users find your website when they need one.

4. Guest Posts

Your expertise is not reserved for one blog only. Make arrangements with your professional contacts to publish guest posts.

The objective is to extend your reach to another professional’s network. This can be a quid pro quo arrangement that benefits both parties.

5. E-mail Marketing

When you make a connection with another professional or client, try to obtain their e-mail address. The intent is to create an e-mail marketing list.

This way you can directly communicate with each person in the network. For example, you can send out promotions to new customers using the e-mail list.

Medical Networking Recap

The good old days of newspaper and radio ads are long gone. Now is the time to take advantage of digital marketing and reach targeted audiences.

Tactics such as e-mail marketing and blogging are proven effective. If you enjoyed this article about medical networking, check out our latest posts for other inspired work.