Make Your Mark: 8 Critical Benefits of Branding Your Startup (And How to Get Started)

The biggest tool your business has is its brand. In fact, you might say your brand is everything. How people identify with your brand can make or break your business.

The benefits of branding are limitless when done properly. Creating a strong brand is essential for any successful business no matter what industry they’re in.

From healthcare to surfboards, branding gets people in the door or on your website.

Keep reading to learn more about what the benefits of branding are, why creating the right brand is so crucial to your overall success and how to brand your startup

What Is Branding?

The word “brand” is thrown around a lot but may not be understood as often as its used. The basic concept is there but the importance of creating a brand and maintaining its reputation gets lost on some.

A brand is what consumers know or think they know about the company and product associated with the name. There are many resources like this company to help you learn more about how to successfully brand your startup.

Since the 1880s Coca-Cola has been building a brand that is recognized and respected internationally. They are easily identified just by the look of the label.

While branding has always been important it’s even more essential in this era of technology. The internet has opened up the opportunity for businesses to be available and accessible to the entire world.

What Are the Benefits of Branding?

Branding has many benefits for startups and should be considered a priority right out of the gate. It’s much harder to build a brand once you are already established because people have already formed an opinion of your products and company.

1. Branding Can Make You a Household Name

Nike, Pepsi, Maxwell House, and hundreds of other company products are all recognizable brand names in their niche. People don’t ask for a dark soda, they ask for a Pepsi (or Coke if so inclined).

Successful branding can make your name synonymous with the product you make and leave your competitors at a major disadvantage.

2. Branding Helps You Get Ahead of the Competitors

Thousands of people ask for a Kleenex, not a tissue when they have a cold. They look for a Band-aid rather than a bandage. Most people refer to a hot tub as a jacuzzi without ever checking the brand of the actual unit. This is because of brilliant branding strategies.

People will choose only to consider vehicles that are Ford or Chevy because that is the brand they know. They won’t even consider the competition. Not because it’s less quality but because it’s not a brand they’ve learned to trust.

3. Branding Can Help You Gain Trust

Having a great brand allows you to gain trust with customers. If they know a brand name as being trustworthy, having quality products and exceptional customer service they will not only trust the brand themselves but share their recommendation with others.

People trust word of mouth over any other form of marketing. Whether it’s the recommendation of a friend or family member or reviews they see online, knowing that others trust a brand can lead to more sales and greater customer loyalty.

4. Branding Increases Customer Loyalty

People are creatures of habit. They find a route to take to work and take it every day or they find a brand that they trust and that is the product they buy each time they need a new one.

Customers who find a brand that they like will remain loyal until the company gives them a reason to change their minds.

Successful branding means consistently delivering a product that consumers can trust every time. It means creating a brand people recognize enough to try and that they are happy enough not to try a competitor’s product again.

Not only will customers be loyal but they’ll also be your best form of advertising by recommending and defending your brand whenever possible.

5. Branding Can Be Free Advertising and More Followers

As mentioned earlier, word of mouth marketing is one of your most powerful advertising tools. That’s especially true online. It not only helps with consumers but also with search engines.

Marketing can be an expensive aspect of any business. Successful branding can be an excellent way to get free advertising for your company. It will give you more followers on social media, more mentions and searches, and better reviews.

The more recognizable your brand is and the more it is talked about online, the higher you’ll rank in search engine results. The higher you rank in results, the more easily you can be found.

6. Branding Can Improve Your Click Through Rate

If your brand is already known and trusted you gain more visitors to your website. A trusted brand has more followers on social media who share the posts and mention the brand giving others the opportunity to click on the links and visit the company’s site.

Successful branding gives you more visitors who specifically search for the company, higher placement in generic searches and more positive reviews. All of which lead to improved click-through rates.

The more people that visit your site, the better your chances of gaining another customer and making more money.

7. Branding Can Mean More Profits

There are several ways that successful branding can lead to more profits. Less money needs to be spent on actual marketing costs, more consumers trust and use your products, and they remain customers for longer.

You can also charge more for a trusted brand than for a generic or unknown one. People are willing to pay more for a name they like and trust.

8. Branding Can Attract Top Employees

Not only is successful branding great for attracting loyal customers but it also can improve the quality of employees who want to work for you. People want to work for a company that they know and trust and one that looks impressive on their resume.

The better quality team you have, the better customer service and business practices you have. The better your customer service and business operations are, the more successful your branding will be.

The Benefits of Branding are Limitless

The benefits of branding are limitless when you have a successful strategy for marketing your products. Your company name can be known for quality and service if you take the time to consider and plan your brand.

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