Is Your Loved One Suffering From Addiction? Why They Need Long-Term Rehab

Do you have a loved one who’s suffering from addiction? Substance abuse is on the rise, but only a fifth of all addicts will ever get into rehab.

If your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, it is best to help them straight away. Here is why they need long-term rehab as quickly as possible.

Recognizing the Problem

The first step is to identify the problem as early as you can. The longer your loved one is suffering from addiction, the harder rehab will be for them.

Different addictions have different signs, but all have a few common characteristics. Dependency on a substance, social withdrawal, deterioration of health, and an altered lifestyle.

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Finding the Right Long-Term Rehab for Your Loved One

When your loved one finally agrees to get into rehab, it will be up to you to pick the right long-term facility for them.

Choosing the best care facility for your loved one might feel like a daunting task, but you can prepare in advance so you are ready when your loved one finally accepts your help.

The two major factors you will have to consider is the level of care and the type of care. Depending on the type of addiction, your loved one might need a detox.

Most drug addicts will need detox before moving forward with their rehab. This is nothing more than the physical elimination of the drug from your loved one’s body. Without a complete detox, the pain of withdrawal can be overwhelming during rehab.

After your loved one is physically clean they can work on the psychological and mental aspects of their addiction. This part of long-term rehab will deal with the underlying causes that triggered the addiction in the first place. Without behavioral therapy to support your loved one’s decision to quit, they run a great risk of relapsing once rehab is over.

Communicate With Your Loved One

Finally, remember that you can’t force your loved one into rehab. This is a choice they have to make for themselves. If you strong-arm someone into rehab, chances are they will quit or relapse soon after leaving the treatment center.

To help your loved one make the right decision, be supporting without being judgmental. A little love goes a long way!

Final Thoughts

Nothing about living with addiction is easy and breaking out of the vicious circle is hard. But it is still possible. Long-term rehab will help your loved one quit drugs and get the tools they need to stay drug-free.

Recovery continues throughout an ex-addict’s life and getting the right help when you most need it can make a whole world of difference for your loved one.

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