New Job? Here’s What to Expect From a Basic Background Check

The United States job market is currently roaring. In October and November, the national economy added 250,000 and 200,000 jobs each month, respectively.

This figure does not even account for employees that are switching to a new company. One common requirement is for new employees to successfully pass a background check. 

Read on to learn what you should expect from a basic background check. Explore topics such as length and what a background check shows.

Purpose of a Background Check

Why do employers feel the need to conduct a background check? The simple answer is that it gives them an idea about the job applicant’s past.

A basic background check performs a criminal search to see if the applicant has a record. It scans the national sex offender registry to ensure the new employee is not a threat to his or her coworkers. Also, it also confirms the applicant’s identity and other personally identifiable information.

Background Check Length

A common question asked is how long does a background check take? The answer really depends on what resources are utilized and the type of background check selected.

A basic background check should take no more than two days to complete. Expanding the background check to include a county criminal search may add an additional day.

Benefits of a Basic Background Check

There are more extensive background checks that can be conducted. However, expansive investigations are more expensive and take longer.

The greatest benefit of a basic check is the quick turnaround time alluded to above. In addition, the low costs are more suitable for businesses trying to keep expenses in check.

At the same time, a basic check does not sacrifice a quality investigation. To cut corners, some companies elect a simple internet search. These background checks are less reliable and accurate than a basic check.

Other Factors to Look Investigate

It is possible to customize a background check if there are specific factors you are interested in. For example, a financial services company likely seeks employees with reliable personal finance. They may request a credit history report to verify the employee is good with personal finance.

Another good example is transportation companies. They are likely to request an applicant’s driving record. This way, they can ensure the new employee does not have any major infractions or accident history.

Other popular factors to research are education history and an eviction record search. By searching education history, your company can verify that an applicant’s resume is accurate. An eviction record search proves that an employee is responsible and had no issues with landlords.

Recapping the Background Check Process

A background check is a valuable tool for employers to review an applicant’s past. It is an effective method for hiring high-quality employees with good character.

At a minimum, the background check will search criminal history and validate identity. In specific industries, driving records and credit history provide even greater insight. If you enjoyed this article about basic background checks, click on our blog for other great pieces.