Scrub Off That 404 Error! A Cleaning Service’s Step-By-Step Guide to Site Maintenance

Now that you’ve created a cleaning service website, you’re hoping everything is ready to go and you can just wait on the customers to come flocking. This sounds like a great idea, but as most business owners know it’s hardly ever that easy.

Site maintenance is an important part of keeping all your site pages up and running. What if customers can’t get in touch with you or have other problems that impact your business?

Thankfully, there are ways around this. Learn more about website maintenance and see how you can prevent problems from occurring. 

Check Links to Make Sure They Work

One of the main concerns when running a website involves making sure links lead to the correct destination. You don’t want a link to your “contact us” page that comes up as blank, thus turning away potential customers.

Make a point to go through every link you have to ensure it’s clickable and works. While you’re at it, consider doing the same on your phone, and see how the site comes up for mobile users.

This gives you the chance to change it if necessary, allowing everyone to view the website easily and smoothly. 

Make Testing Forms Part of Your Site Maintenance

It’s likely that your cleaning business has at least one form on the website.

Perhaps you allow potential customers to contact you with questions. Or maybe you even have a booking system that takes place with form submission. 

Either way, try filling out a form and submitting it to see what happens.

You’ll want to look for qualities such as how long it takes to arrive to you and if it delivers all the information. If you have more than one form, regular testing can help you spot problems and manage them early on.

This prevents you from losing too many potential customers. Check out this service provider for an example of what to look for when creating a website that works. 

See How Everything Looks in a Different Browser

Browsers can change how your website gets viewed by others. Your website might work just fine in Chrome, but what about Safari or Microsoft edge? 

Make a visit to your website on different browsers, and get your friends or family to help, too. If there’s a problem, make a note of what works and what doesn’t on each specific browser. 

This allows everyone who visits to have a quality experience at your website.

Ensure Everything Gets Backed Up

Backing up your website keeps you from losing important data along the way. Perhaps you’ve added a blog or a new form, and you’re worried about losing it. 

Creating a backup means you’ll have something to return to in the event of a problem. The website hosting company you go through can help you perform a backup to keep everything safe. 

Learn More About Site Maintenance

If you’ve just started your own website, you’ll find there’s a lot to learn about site maintenance. From taking everything for a test drive to creating a smooth experience across the board for all users, there’s no shortage of tasks in maintaining a website.

Check out our article on website design mistakes and how to avoid them. You’ll have a professional looking website that gives customers everything they need in one spot.