Get the Most Out of Your Workspace: 5 Simple Office Decor Ideas

Looking to boost productivity at work? If you feel like you’re in a slump, working in a cramped space with poor lighting isn’t gonna be much help.

Your surroundings can influence the way you feel throughout the day.

And it’s no secret that mood is a big factor to productivity. Happy employees are more enthusiastic, focused, and engaged.

Making little changes to your work environment can make a big difference in improving your mood and productivity. Here are some office decor ideas that you can try in your cubicle or work area if you’re in a shared office space.

1. Light up Your Office Life

Dark lighting is used in movies to convey a gloomy or grim tone. If your office has the same lighting, then your workers will feel what the audience of dark and sad movies feel.

Lighting affects our emotions in a big way. A study demonstrated that employees have the lowest mood while working in a dimly lit environment. Their mood improved significantly as the light became more sufficient.

Letting in more sunshine, if possible, can also make the office happier. Exposure to natural light combats Vitamin D deficiency which is linked to depression. Simulating natural light is also used in bright light therapy which is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

2. Bring Color to Your Office World

Angela Wright, a renowned color psychologist, discovered that different colors can evoke psychological responses in a majority of people. These behaviors are both reproducible and predictable.

The blue color can stimulate the mind. Yellow can inspire creativity and makes you more optimistic. Red is best for doing physical or manual labor. Green is a balanced color that can have a calm and reassuring effect.

You can mix and match different colors to create the atmosphere that you want for your workers.

3. Foster Uniqueness with Furniture

Your employees aren’t worker bees whose sole purpose is to serve the queen. But giving them cubicles furnished the exact same way will make them feel like one.

Add furniture that can encourage individuality and creativity.

You can designate an area with coffee tables and couches where they can relax while still doing their jobs. You can also put unique touches on common types of office furniture, such as desks and boardroom tables. This is a good way to promote the brand and culture of your company.

4. Minimize the Clutter

When clutter piles up, the blame game starts. People will point fingers to another’s messy behavior. But it may not be the fault of the person.

It could be due to poor layout and design of the work space. It could also be due to lack of adequate storage.

Get things organized, store clutter away, and make life simple and easy for your workers. As a bonus, the work area will have that charming, minimalist vibe.

5. Give Greens a Place in Your Office Decor Ideas

Plants should always have a place in any indoor area. Not only do they contribute to the aesthetic, but they also improve the health of your employees.

By purifying that stale indoor air, plants will bring life back to your office.

Choose plants that are easy to keep alive. Houseplants such as cacti, snake plant, and peace lily require little water and sunlight. These low maintenance plants are perfect for any office setting.

The Environment Sets the Mood for Your Employees

By implementing these simple office decor ideas, happiness in the workplace is no longer unheard of. Happy people work better, faster, and more efficient.

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