Finagling More Followers: How to Get More Likes on Instagram

There are 1 billion active Instagram users.

That’s a lot of “like” potential.

But are your Instagram posts only garnering you a few “pity likes” from your friends and family?

In this post, we’ll go over how to get more likes on Instagram so your posts don’t feel so lonely!

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Engagement Is Key

Instagram’s algorithm likes it when you do more with Instagram than just post pictures. They actually do like users better if they play well with others — and the app itself.

This means you can’t just post your pictures to Instagram, add a few witty hashtags, and expect the likes to come rolling on in.

Instead, you’ve got to work the system. And by the system, we mean the app.

Use all of Instagram’s features. Start adding featured stories. Post stories of your day or your time with your friends (or even your dog!). If you have a product, make your Instagram posts shoppable.

Any way you interact with Instagram makes your account more favorable in “Instagram’s eyes,” therefore, more likely to be shown to other users.

Find Out Your Best Time to Post

Instagram’s analytics allows you to see who exactly is following you, where they’re from, and when people are looking at your posts.

The trick is to post when most of your demographic is online.

If you’re, for instance, a website that caters to tween girls, you might find that your engagement spikes around 12 pm, 3 pm, and 10 pm. These three times represent when the girls are using their phones and scrolling through Instagram: lunch, after school and before bed.

Post when your audience is online to get into their feed. There’s more of a chance you’ll “get a like” that way!

Tag People in Photos

Don’t go overboard here and tag every single person in the entire world. But tagging people does help boost your account and allows your account to be a little bit more discoverable.

If you post a photo of something you think someone might like, tag them in it. If you purchased an item from somewhere and you’re showing it off on your Instagram, tag the business in the story or in the photo.

This way, people who are looking at pictures of that person or tagged pictures of that business account will come across your Instagram photo. They’re much more likely to like it if your post is visible.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram: Keep ‘Em Coming

You need to post on a consistent basis if you have a prayer at people seeing your account. Don’t post once in a blue moon, unless your account is only for your friends and family. Consistency is one of the key ways to increase Instagram likes, meaning if you don’t do it, you won’t see much return.

If you’re a business or a blog, you need to post consistently. This means at least a few times a week. Some bloggers find themselves posting multiple times a day to really ensure their readers are seeing and interacting with them.

After you find the perfect time of day to post, always post at the time. You may find that your audience is less active on a Saturday evening than a Sunday afternoon, so you’ll skip posting on Saturday and post on Sunday instead.

But as long as you post consistently, it doesn’t matter.

Interact with Others

You can’t expect other people to interact with you if you don’t interact with anyone. Only really famous people can pull that off. And if you’re reading this article, we trust you’re not Kylie Jenner or Selena Gomez.

That means go to accounts that are similar to yours, or of your demographic, and like their post. Comment on them here and there to get people interested.

After a while, people will start to notice your account and check you out. If they like your photos, they’ll give you a like.

Curate an Interesting Feed

Ever seen an Instagram feed that’s full of food that looks absolutely disgusting? Yeah, most of us have.

You’re probably not motivated by that, nor are you motivated to like any of their pictures.

Instead, post photos that are appealing to your target audience. You don’t need a professional camera, as many cell phones do the trick nowadays.

But you should experiment with color and light. You might want to even try an app like VSCO or A Color Story, which can help you keep track of your feed. It can help you lay out the photos before you post them, keeping them consistent with your mood or theme.

You can also learn some cool tips and tricks for editing or touching up your photos. Some bloggers and Instagrammers like to stick to one color or theme on their Instagram, and many people really dig that.

You may see some famous people sharing whatever they feel like sharing and getting likes. They can do that because they already have a fan base. You don’t. So you’ll need to make your photos as interesting as possible.

Final Thoughts on Getting as Many Likes as Possible

How to get more likes on Instagram is truly a marathon and not a sprint. Building up your “fanbase,” your followers and those who frequently like your photos will take a while. You can’t expect to implement these tips and wake up with 2,000 likes on a photo tomorrow.

Over time, however, if you’re consistent, you’ll see an improvement.

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