5 Inspiring RV Business Ideas for Life on the Road

America continues to see huge recreational vehicle (RV) sales. In fact, over 430,000 RVs were sold in 2016.

Over 2.47 million American households now own an RV, and the number continues to grow.

It’s easy to see why people are flocking to RVs. You can explore national parks, visit family, and see the country while driving at your own pace.

But did you know you can also run a business out of your RV? With teleworking, working from home (or RV) is easier than ever.

Keep reading to learn how to run an RV business from the road.

Why Start an RV Business?

Don’t get me wrong, RVing can be a full-time job. But you may also find yourself with a lot of free time, or you may be low on funds at some point during a trip.

Here are a few reasons why you should look into starting a business from your RV:

  • You can work from anywhere. If your business is online, you’re only limited by a laptop and internet connection.
  • There is unlimited scenery, opportunity, and networking. Your business is on the move and can network wherever it goes. It can also advertise for free if you use the RV as a billboard.
  • There are low start-up costs. It costs less to convert an RV into an office than renting an office space.

5 RV Business Ideas

Here are 5 business ideas to get your entrepreneurial ideas flowing.

1. A Travel Business

You’re already traveling, why not share your experiences with others? Starting a travel business is a great way to interact with like-minded explorers. You can actually make money by sharing your expertise and organizing travel plans for others. You can also start a blog or Youtube channel.

2. Software or Application Development

This option is most suited to the tech-savvy. You can work on software developments or create successful apps from the comfort of your RV. This business may require a lot of computer screens, however. You may need to find trailers for sale or rent to haul all your gear.

3. Photography

From an RV, you’re sure to see beautiful scenery and wildlife. Whether you’re walking through a city or hiking through a national park, you’re sure to be carrying a camera.

You can also take wedding or event photos for clients if they happen to fall along your travel route.

4. Mobile Services

Your RV can be transformed into a mobile tattoo parlor, dog grooming, or even a food truck. If your passion is using your hands to provide physical services to locals, then the above business ideas may be up your alley.

Final Thoughts

Starting an RV business has become easier than ever. You can now travel the country and run a business to pay for your expenses. The above 5 business ideas are just a small sample of the unlimited entrepreneurial opportunities available.

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