How to Pick the Right AV Equipment for Your Business Event

When holding a business event, you’re going to need some good audiovisual equipment to make sure that your audience can see and hear what you’re trying to show them.

If your sound is weak, people will lose interest in what you’re trying to say. If your visuals are weak, your audience will struggle to pay attention and may also find their minds wandering.

Therefore, proper AV equipment can mean the difference between a memorable occasion and a total flop.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at common types of equipment and what you should use them for.


If you’re planning on showing your audience anything electronic, monitors are a must.

In general, you won’t want to use a monitor to give large presentations unless the screen is astronomically wide. Monitors are best suited for mounting on walls or placing on stands throughout your event.

That being said, monitors could be useful for smaller, individual presentations that take place throughout your event, and can easily be hooked up to a laptop.


For large crowds, projectors are the ideal choice. As long as you have a screen to project on, you can turn any location into a large-scale presentation, whether it’s inside a venue or outdoors.

As with monitors, you can seamlessly hook your laptop up to a projector and share your screen, allowing you to have the proper visual support for your event.


Having stellar visuals won’t do you much good if nobody can hear what you have to say.

Investing in a reliable, quality microphone can do wonders for the quality of your business event. If you have multiple speakers at once (or simply want the convenience of not having to hold a microphone), consider mics that you can attach to your clothing.

These often allow speakers to present in a more natural manner, as they can use their hands as they would during a normal conversation.


Once again, having great audio is just as important as having quality visuals. In order to make sure your audience can hear you properly, a quality speaker system is essential.

While it may not be obvious to most people, speaker positioning is a crucial aspect that determines the quality of the sound, so make sure you place them properly throughout the area where you are holding your event.

Speaker systems can be particularly expensive, so you may want to consider leasing them if it’s not within your budget to purchase them.

Other Considerations

In addition to AV equipment, there are a couple other factors you should keep in mind.

Event Space

Having a large number of people in a small location may make it difficult to bring all of the equipment you need.

Similarly, a large venue will require the appropriate speakers and monitors/projectors to ensure your audience will have a quality experience.

Proper Setup

This is something that cannot be overlooked. Audio-visual equipment is useless without the proper setup.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out how to optimize this on your own. If you find that you’re having a hard time planning how you want to set up your equipment, consider employing an audio visual hire to ensure things run smoothly.

AV Equipment Can Seem Confusing

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above tips, you’ll know what AV equipment is necessary to make your business event a memorable experience for all those who attend.

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