Avoid Common Diesel Engine Problems-The Top 6 Maintenance Tips To Keep You Off the Shoulder

Diesel engines are known for their durability and superior performance.

But that performance doesn’t come without some work. If you want to avoid common diesel engine problems, you better get ready for plenty of regular maintenance and upkeep.

Keep reading to learn 6 essential maintenance tips to help you keep your engine running smoothly.

1. Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Trucks and other vehicles equipped with heavy-duty diesel engines are designed to take on even the toughest roads.

But that durability requires some regular maintenance.

Build up of chemicals, dirt, and other contaminants on your vehicle can eventually damage your clear coat and paint. If left unchecked, it can even damage the metal exterior of your vehicle.

While it may not keep your diesel engine running, keeping your vehicle clean will help keep it on the road longer.

Keeping your diesel engine itself clean is important as well. Allowing dirt and other debris to accumulate will only disrupt your engine’s performance, and can lead to a variety of other issues.

2. Change Your Air Filter

Keeping your air filter fresh and clean is essential if you want to have the longest lasting diesel engine.

But replacing your air filter regularly can get expensive.

If you plan to keep maintaining your diesel engine for years to come, investing in an air filter cleaner is a great choice.

3. Monitor Coolant

Your diesel engine needs coolant just as much as it needs oil. And like oil, coolant needs to be clean and fresh if you want to keep your engine running smoothly.

If you want to know why your engine needs coolant, you first need to know the answer to “how does a diesel engine work?”

Coolant helps keep engines from freezing up in cold weather and protects from a condition called cavitation.

4. Leave Maintenance to the Pros

You wouldn’t risk DIYing a difficult plumbing task with no prior experience. So why would you rely on YouTube videos to help you fix your truck?

When simple issues arise, think twice before trying to fix them on your own if you don’t know what you’re doing. Otherwise you might turn a small problem into a major fix.

5. Never Use Gas

What happens if you put gas in a diesel engine?

Notice your mistake right away, and before you leave the gas station, and you’ll only face the high cost of having your vehicle towed and your tank drained.

Drive off the lot, and you’ll be facing bigger problems. If you have a newer turbo diesel, even a small amount of gasoline reaching the engine can cause major issues with your engine’s emissions control components.

6. Get Your Oil Changed

Just as you need to regularly check and change your coolant and air filters, your diesel engine, like any vehicle engine, needs regular oil changes.

Oil changes should be performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on the age of your vehicle and the number of miles you drive.

Avoiding Common Diesel Engine Problems

If you want to avoid common diesel engine problems, these 6 maintenance tips are a great start.

Another great way to avoid these problems is to find the right mechanic and auto shops to perform regular work like oil changes or filter replacements.

Use our database to start searching for the right auto repair and maintenance shops in your area today.