11 Reasons Your Business May Need a Notarized Document

Are you a business owner? If so, you probably have a lot on your mind most of the time. That means you may forget important things every now and again.

One of those important things may be getting documents properly notarized.

Notarizing documents is important and required in many circumstances, but bigger things like budgets can get in the way. If this has happened at your business, it’s time to bring notarizing to the forefront.

Don’t think you have a need for a notary? Think again. Here are 11 reasons why your business may need a notarized document.

1. Verify the Signer

The most obvious reason you may need to have a document notarized is to make sure the signer is actually who they say they are.

Whether the document is a check or an employment agreement, you need to know it was signed by the right person. Having important documents notarized will give you the peace of mind that everything is on the up and up.

2. Certified Copies of Documents

Do you need a copy of an important document? If so, you should seek out a notary.

What does a notary have to do with copying your important documents? A notary can signify that the document is a true copy of the original. This helps you avoid fraudulent activity regarding the document.

3. Original Signatures

Copied signatures just don’t hold the same “oomph” as clearly hand-written ones. In order to get that handwritten signature and have some power behind it, require a notary to be present.

If you have a hard time telling if signatures have been copied or not, this is especially important. A notary will signify that the signature is an original.

4. Granting Power of Attorney

If you ever need to grant power of attorney, a notary will be required. They’ll serve as impartial judge and make sure everything is signed off by the right people.

5. Guarantee of No Forcing

Maybe one of the lesser-known roles of a notary is to ensure the signer isn’t compelled to sign. When they add their information, the notary guarantees there wasn’t any foul play to get the document signed.

As a business owner, using a notary can help you avoid some legal issues in the future if anyone tries to claim they were compelled to sign something they didn’t agree to.

6. Get a Verbal Oath of Validity

Notaries can require verbal oaths when documents are signed. This adds another layer of protection to the parties involved. Not only does the notary’s mark say the signer is who they say they are, but that they swore everything in the document is true.

7. Selling Business Property

If you ever sell your business property or purchase another one, you may need a notary. There often needs to be a notary present when real estate changes hands.

Make sure you check the notary rules in your state. You may not need one for real estate transactions. This service offers a great guide for notary services in Nevada.

Even if a notary isn’t required in your specific situation, it’s a good idea to get one anyway. This way, you’ll always have proof that your real estate transactions are in the clear.

8. Documents Regarding Assets

If there’s a change in the assets of your business, you should call in a notary. They’ll be on hand to give affirmation to any changes that take place.

The last thing you want is misunderstandings or dishonest dealings when it comes to assets. So use a notary to show that everything was done in accordance with laws and ordinances.

9. Verify Court Evidence

We’d all like to avoid any court dealings as business owners, but they may be unavoidable at times. If you do have to deal with court issues, a notary can help ensure that evidence is presented properly.

Remember the oaths that notaries can administer? These come in handy with court proceedings, too.

10. Vehicle Ownership Verification

If your business purchases any vehicles, you may want the certificate of ownership to get notarized. It may even be required.

You might need a notary for a title application too, once you’ve paid off the vehicle. Use a notary to signify that everything has been done in proper order and that you are, indeed, the owner of the vehicle.

11. Better Customer Service

If your business is part of an industry that tends to require notarized documents, you can serve your customers better by having a notary on hand. Customers will love being saved a trip to UPS or the courthouse in order to get their task done.

If you work in construction, education, finance, insurance, or cars, you’ll definitely encounter the need for notaries. While this isn’t a complete list, if you need documents notarized at all, keeping a notary on hand will make things more convenient for everyone.

You’ll Need for a Notarized Document Is Inevitable

At some point, you’ll need a notarized document. It’s simply inevitable as a business owner. There are so many circumstances that require notarized documents, so make sure you have a notary close at hand.

Notaries can be found in several places, but having one employed by your company is the most convenient way to go. However you do it, make sure you don’t let those documents pile up! Get them notarized sooner than later to provide the best protection for your business.

The need for a notary shouldn’t cause you stress. There are plenty of notaries around. Click here to locate one near you.