How to Pick a Good Lawyer for Personal Injury Cases

Bad things can and do happen to good people. If you’ve been injured, a good lawyer can ensure you don’t have to suffer in silence or financial despair.

Hiring a personal injury attorney isn’t a decision to take lightly. You want the best chance of a desirable outcome in your case, and not just any lawyer will have the skills and expertise needed to help you.

If you’re considering pursuing legal help with your personal injury, consider the following factors that indicate you’ve found a good lawyer:

A Good Lawyer Has a Focused Practice

When you have health issues, you generally seek out a doctor that’s skilled in treating those issues. The same practice applies to law.

Simply being a lawyer isn’t the only prerequisite required to help you build a case.

Law practices can span a variety of services, from family law to criminal defense to auto accidents. Someone with experience in personal injury cases will give you your best chance of achieving the best outcome.

Focused practices only handle certain kinds of cases. They have the most experience in a specific type of case and can put their expertise to work for you better than a do-it-all lawyer.

Get a Lawyer Experienced in Trials

Not all personal injury cases go to trial. Many times, lawyers will accept personal injury cases if they feel they can settle it out of court.

Understandably, trying to settle out of court can be a desirable option for clients. It takes the stress out of going to court, plus the case is usually resolved much quicker.

But in reality, some cases do go to trial, and your lawyer should be prepared.

Not all personal injury lawyers have experience in taking cases to trial. Rather, some lawyers will take your case in hopes of settling it fast and making themselves a payday.

This not only puts your case at a disadvantage, it also means you might not get the full outcome you deserve.

Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you ask about their experiences in taking cases like yours to court.

Look at the Attorney’s Track Record

Does your attorney have a proven record of winning cases like yours? If so, how much compensation have they been able to claim for their clients?

Every personal injury case is different. There’s no way for lawyers to tell you how much compensation you can expect to receive. But a good lawyer should be able to tell you if you have a chance of winning.

Remember, your case may be your only chance to get compensated for your damages. You want to ensure you partner with an attorney that has a proven record of helping clients receive a fair settlement or trial verdict.

Is Your Lawyer Truly Interested in Helping Clients?

Until you need a personal injury attorney, you may not have given any lawyer a second thought.

But when the time comes for you to find a good lawyer, your first inclination might be to search online or contact the lawyer you saw in a television commercial.

Granted, the legal field is a competitive one, so most lawyers must market themselves to attract clients. But knowing how they market themselves can help you separate the good ones from the ones that simply promote themselves well.

Good lawyers are those that are truly interested in helping their clients receive compensation for their struggles. Law is first and foremost a helping profession, not just a business.

A personal injury attorney is your chance to have your voice heard by big insurance companies and help them understand the pain, financial loss, and personal suffering you’ve endured.

The right lawyer does what is necessary to help their clients. They work long hours, offer support, answer questions, and provide education to give clients the best results.

This could come in the form of one on one consultations or simply having 24/7 informative resources like this site.

Does Your Lawyer Have Sufficient Resources to Take Your Case?

If you’re being inundated with medical expenses or can’t pay your bills because of your injury, some personal injury attorneys will front you some assistance while you wait for a settlement. You will repay these costs out of your settlement, but it can give you the financial flexibility to carry on with life in the meantime.

This is a major indicator that you’re working with a lawyer that not only has the expertise, but also the resources to help you. Lawyers may need to hire accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, or other experts to collect evidence for your case.

Successful law firms will have enough funds, employees, and other means to help you settle your case. You want a law firm that can afford to give your case the attention it deserves.

See If Your Lawyer Offers Free Consultations

You shouldn’t have to pay a lawyer just to see if they can take your case. Confident lawyers will offer a free consultation to learn more about your personal injury. Only if they feel like they can help you will they take your case.

Will a Lawyer Take Your Case on Contingency?

Good lawyers will usually take a personal injury case on contingency. This means that they only receive compensation if you get a settlement.

The contingency fee is usually a portion of whatever you receive from winning your case.

This provides a win/win for you and your lawyer for many reasons:

For starters, you can guarantee your lawyers will work as hard as they can on your case to increase their own earnings.

Also, it also means your legal fees won’t be more than what you receive in your settlement.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

No one wants to be involved in a personal injury case. But if you were to become injured, you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences.

Getting compensation won’t take away the damage, but it can lessen the financial burden you incur. Finding a good lawyer can be the difference between suffering in silence and having your voice heard.

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