How to Fuse Your Church Outreach Ideas with Your Digital Marketing Plan

Church attendance and participation fluctuates depending on who you ask. Some demographics have different numbers, and sometimes attendance can go through changes.

As a church, you want your congregants involved. You also need to reach out to new, potential members. To do so, you need an outreach program that speaks to the heart of each person.

So, how do you create the right outreach program for your church? There are a few different ways churches can bring in new members. Here are some church outreach ideas from which to choose.

Church Outreach Ideas

Few people put the words ‘church’ and ‘marketing’ together in the same sentence. Yet, marketing is a great way to reach people. Your church can find ways to use marketing in a productive way in this church marketing 101.

1. Social Media Outreach

If you want to get more people in church, you need to meet them where they are. And most people are on Facebook and other social media platforms.

If you want people to get to know your churches unique message, be current. Today, social media is one of the first places people look when they want to know about a business. Be witty, be engaging, and be authentic.

2. Brand Design

The church isn’t only a building; it’s an entity in and of itself. It’s also a place people go when they need help. How do you market that to others? Through visual media.

Logo’s and brand design aren’t for vanity’s sake. They’re useful tools that tell people what you’re about before you have to say a word. Your logo and signage should draw people’s eyes and hearts toward your church.

3. Website Design

In this internet age, people check a website before they do anything else. If they can’t find everything they need to know within a few glances, they don’t stick around long.

Information that is available within a few clicks is always the best way to keep visitors around. Your site should be informative and have a layout that’s welcoming.

The Universal Church has a great example of website design. All their information is easy to find. Their contact information is on-hand, and they let people know they’re always available.

4. Community Outreach

Everyone knows one of the church’s highest callings is to help those in need. Community outreach, such as volunteering, will yield a few good results. You can help the community and fulfill your calling while bringing in new church members at the same time.

Not everyone lives on the internet. Your outreach can be even more effective by getting out there and talking to people. When they see your church getting involved, they’ll want to be part of the positive change.

More About Marketing

This was only a short list of church outreach ideas. With more ideas for marketing your church, you could get even more people on Sunday morning. Search a list of marketing consultants who can create the perfect marketing plan.

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