10 Essential Features to Look for When Selecting Parking Equipment

Parking lots generate a whopping $25-$30 billion in revenue each year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 105 million revenue-generating parking spots in the country.

The car parking industry goes back as far as 1898 when the first public parking garage for motor vehicles opened in Boston. Since then, parking lots have seen a lot of innovation in maximizing space, increasing efficiency and offering smart payment options.

Read on to learn the top 8 features you should look for in your parking equipment.

1. Easy-to-Use Parking Equipment

If you want your customers to use your lot again, it’s vital that you ensure the parking equipment is user-friendly. You don’t want a frazzled customer to have to walk all the way to the attendant (if there is one) and vow never to use your lot again.

When considering any parking equipment, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it obvious where bills and credit cards should go and where change comes out from?
  • When you step up to the machine, is the first step obvious?
  • Is the machine accessible for people in wheelchairs?
  • Could non-English speakers use the machine?
  • In the parking lot, is it easy to find where patrons should go to pay and to grab a ticket?
  • Are the buttons large and clear to read for people with poor vision?

When choosing parking equipment, you need to consider the wide range of users your lot can expect as patrons. This includes seniors, international visitors, people who are differently abled, and new drivers who have never parked in a paid lot before. You want to make it as easy as possible for each of them to use your parking lot payment system.

2. Simple Maintenance

Not only does parking equipment have to be easy for the customers to use, but it also needs to be easy for you to maintain.

Fixing paper jams, refilling the ticket dispenser, and changing the lot pricing are all things you will need to be able to do without putting in a service call. Good parking equipment makes maintenance simple so you can keep costs down.

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3. Remote Monitoring and Automation

An important feature to look for in parking equipment is automation and remote monitoring. This makes running a parking lot as easy as possible.

If your equipment allows you to use software to monitor it remotely, you will be able to give your customers superior service as quick as possible. Remote monitoring lets you stay on top of your lot’s functionality without having to visit it multiple times a day.

Look for parking equipment that can run without a start or end of day intervention. That extra step will likely end up causing you issues.

4. Parking Equipment Support

When you are considering any parking equipment, spend some time reviewing the manufacturer and the warranty they offer.

A comprehensive warranty protects you from faulty machines and provides expert help when you need it. Some companies even provide training on their products so that you are able to avoid service calls for tasks such as running reports and troubleshooting problems.

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5. Look for Equipment That Is Easy to Install

You want parking equipment that is quick and easy to install to avoid losing revenue. Whether you are replacing your parking equipment or starting a brand new lot, you want customers to be able to start using your services as quickly as possible.

Look for system installations that result in minimal or no lost revenue.

6. Look for Competitive Pricing

The lowest price is often not the best option. Like any product, you can choose premium or economical options for your parking equipment.

Whatever price range you are looking for, strive to get competitive pricing on your parking equipment. Some manufacturers offer to match and beat any competitor’s price.

It’s worth shopping around to save yourself some money.

7. Parking Equipment That Allows Custom Branding

Your brand colors and logos prominently displayed on your parking equipment builds brand awareness, increases trust, and helps customers avoid confusion.

Look for parking equipment suppliers that offer some customization on their equipment. Branding helps you make a good impression and sets you apart from the competition.

8. Smart Technology

Payment methods have evolved dramatically over the past few years. Now consumers can pay for goods and services with a tap of their card, through various online money transfer apps, and right from their cell phones.

To be competitive, you will want to offer the latest technology for your users. One of the best ways to do this is to offer the latest parking innovations.

Look for smart parking technology that makes it more convenient for customers to pay for use of your lot. This means they can download and use an app to pay for parking or add time to their meter electronically.

Smart technology such as space availability sensors let drivers know exactly where the free spots are. Smart tech makes your customers’ experience in your lot as convenient as possible. As a result, they are more likely to be return customers.

Bottom Line

Thanks for reading. We hope you found this list of top features to look for in parking equipment useful.

As you can see from this list, the features you want all have to do with customer satisfaction. Check out these 7 customer marketing strategies to ensure your customers are happy.