9 Office Layout Ideas That Boost Productivity

So you’ve tried everything–an employee of the month program, shameless bribery…all of it. But, no matter what you do, you still can’t seem to boost your office’s productivity or energy overall!

It may actually be time to take a look at the physical space in which you’re asking your team to work. What’s the layout like? Is it comfortable? Is it chaotic? Could it be better?

Chances are, your office’s layout could, in fact, be a whole lot better! One thing many employers tend to overlook is the huge impact an office’s layout actually has on morale, productivity, and energy throughout an office space.

If it sounds like switching up the layout of your office could be the thing that finally kicks your team into gear–well, read on for 9 of our very best office layout ideas!

1. Light it Up

Well, your office, that is!

While it may not technically be about layout, exactly, your office’s lighting can be a necessary key to unlocking your team’s productivity. Bad or dreary lighting can lead your staff to develop migraines, eye strain, irritability, and even depression!

It’s important to light your space with as much natural light from windows as possible. Draw back any blinds or drapes, and make sure no furniture is blocking the windows. For any artificial light, aim to use natural light bulbs and incorporate soft-lit lamps throughout your space.

2. Declutter

No office will ever achieve its maximum productive layout if it’s chockfull of clutter. Studies have even shown that chaotic work environments play a huge role in distraction and lack of focus. So get rid of the clutter!

Take a day for the whole office to engage in the reorganization of all the major areas of your office space. Invest in new bookcases, filing cabinets, and other furniture that’ll help everything in the office find its rightful place.

Your office’s organization and layout will feel much more intentional and productive once everything is where it belongs, instead of crowding desks and walkways.

3. Pick the Best Furniture

Some offices may instinctively reach for the bargain office furniture–after all, it’s just a desk! How nice does it have to be??

But the truth is, if you’re hoping for a truly productive office layout and environment, it’s really important to invest in quality furnishings to help your employees’ comfort and productivity.

Your desks should allow employee’s eyes to rest 24 to 36 inches from their computer screen and their arms should be parallel with the floor when reaching out to type. Chairs should be padded and slightly reclined.

4. Set Up Brainstorm Stations

This point may seem like a more free-spirited or non-traditional layout suggestion, but the fact is, providing spaces for your employees to throw down their ideas can actually be a really lucrative move.

Provide your office with a chalkboard wall or a few whiteboards. Have pads of paper and pens ready, distributed throughout the office.

The mere presence of spaces aimed to encourage brainstorming and freethinking will prompt your team to begin thinking creatively. It allows them the space to produce and grow.

5. Provide Different Spaces

One of the most universal things in every workplace is the afternoon productivity lull. Everyone in the office has spent all morning staring at their computers, shifting in their chairs. One of the best ways to combat this slump is to provide your employees with different spaces to work!

Consider repurposing that filing room or those offices at the back of your space toward becoming alternative workspaces for your employees! Set up a table and chairs or a few separate desks and couches throughout the space (to help you provide hookups for lots of electronic workspaces, check out this website!).

Placing yourself in a new environment serves to kick your brain back into gear; so allowing employees plenty of spaces to work in will aid their productivity.

6. Two Words: Coffee. Bar.

We’re not just talking about the old corporate coffee machine that was in the kitchen when your team first showed up in your office space. Inputting a gourmet coffee bar into the layout of your office can help boost energy and productivity in your office, no problem!

Consider investing in a higher-end espresso maker, and maybe a bean grinder and a couple of French presses. Having these things in-house means your team will always have access to a delicious boost, and they’ll be more likely to show up on time ready to get down to business.

A great coffee bar can serve as the heart of your super-productive office!

7. Let Life In

Well, plant life!

For peak psychological and physiological functioning, humans need direct exposure to nature. Even if you’re not in a place to move your whole office space out into the courtyard, it’s still important that you be intentional with incorporating plant life into your office space.

Keeping the windows open to any exterior nature is great, but if there’s not much to behold, you should consider bringing in several houseplants to scatter about the office. Invest in a mixture of hanging plants and potted once, and distribute them around the place so everyone can see one or two plants all the time.

8. Organize Your People

Many employers’ first instinct when organizing team members throughout the office is to group people from the same departments together. However, studies have actually proven that it’s far more productive to group professionals together based on their goals, clientele, and how they work with one another.

Seating people who have to interact in order to do their respective jobs alongside one another offers quick problem-solving, and it holds employees directly accountable to those around them.

If you’re unsure how, exactly, your employees would best be arranged, try out some different settings at first.

9. Ask Your People

The golden rule of getting anything done satisfactorily with a large group of people is a really simple one: Ask for your team’s opinions.

When it comes to the layout of your office, the rule holds true. Ask your workers how they’d most like to be seated. Ask your team how they feel about cubicle walls, where they think you should structure a new breakout workspace.

The most surefire way to ensure your employees will be productive is to ask them directly how you can help them get things done comfortably, effectively, and efficiently.

Want More Office Layout Ideas?

Whether your team seems as though it’s fallen into a bit of a funk, or you’re just looking to switch things up a bit to breathe new life into your office, changing up your workspace’s layout may be just the move you need to take.

For more office layout ideas and other tips to boost your team’s productivity, check out our page!