Dentists: Advertise Your Website Free of Cost with These 8 Outstanding Tactics

What if you could put your dental practice on the map and pay absolutely nothing?

It may sound like we’ve had a bit too much happy gas. But it’s true: with the right strategies, you can advertise your website free.

Interesting in growing your customers without having to grow your budget? Just keep reading to learn more!

1. Create a Google My Business Listing

When it comes to free marketing, we need to start with the basics. And that means creating a Google My Business listing for your dental practice.

Google’s My Business feature is how different companies control what customers see when they look the business up. Thesea are things like addresses, pictures, reviews, and so on. That’s all thanks to Google My Business.

You can add this information for free. And now, by simply touching your business address, customers can get driving directions to you thanks to the Google maps app.

2. Make a Blog

You’re already paying to host a website. However, are you getting the most out of it?

Start a blog on your site and focus on high-quality content. Instead of advertising your business, try to create motivational posts. Alternatively, you can provide useful “how-to” guides for things like proper dental care.

This works on two basic levels. First, your customers will be grateful for good content and regularly come back to your site.

And regular, quality content (along with repeated customer visits) will help your site get higher in Google’s search rankings.

3. Register With Local Listings

Earlier, we talked about adding your info to Google My Business. However, there are three other local listings that need your info.

First, there’s Google Place. This provides another way to ensure that customers have your business address when they search for you.

Then, there’s Yahoo! Local. This database of businesses helps connect customers and companies, so it’s important for your business to be on there.

Finally, you can add your business info to Bing’s business database. In this way, you ensure customers can more easily find your site no matter the search engine they use!

4. Create Social Media Accounts

Not that long ago, many professionals dismissed social media as a fad. Trust us, though: it’s not going anywhere!

If you are interested in how to promote your business online and build your brand, you need to add social media accounts for your business. This is free and brings many unique benefits.

First, social media is designed to help users share information. By placing quality content on your social media, you allow users to share it with their friends by simply pressing a button.

Social media also allows customers to chat with your dental practice via chat or direct messages. This helps your business seem more accessible and personal while helping out customers who don’t want to make a phone call.

Finally, social media can help you qualify your leads. And when it comes to qualifying them, Earth Web Technologies can be a real inspiration!

In terms of bang for your buck (or should we say no bucks?), social media is hard to beat.

5. Content Marketing

If content falls in the woods and no one reads it, does it make a noise?

In all seriousness, creating great content is only half of the equation. You need to make sure people can read it via a content marketing strategy.

Start by creating a quality blog post on your site. Do your SEO homework and make sure it has plenty of good keywords throughout.

Now, write another quality blog and post it over on Medium or Quora; don’t forget the keywords! For your final touch, make sure the new blog links to your website.

What’s the big idea? Medium and Quora are read by millions of people. With some luck, you can market to more people than ever before with a new blog post that’s in the right place and right time.

6. Create YouTube Content

You might not imagine that customers would want YouTube videos relating to dentistry. However, creating these videos is a powerful marketing tool for you.

First, it lets you bring your sleek, clean office and professional, courteous staff to life for new customers. As with any other video, this helps them feel an instant personal connection with everyone involved.

And as silly as it may be, video can help people who are scared of the dentist. Instead of fearing a scary man behind a dental mask, new customers will think of your happy, smiling staff from the video!

7. Write for Other Blogs

This next key to how to promote your business online bashes together two of our previous ideas. The result is an easy marketing technique that is quite effective!

Rather than limiting your blog posts to your own site or to places like Medium, you need to reach out to some established bloggers. Once you’ve made contact, ask if they’d be willing to let you guest post on their site.

Guest posting is basically a “win/win” for everyone involved. The blog host gets to look like a real authority to his readers, as he has brought in outside “talent” to post on his site.

At the same time, you get to influence and market yourself to an entirely new group of customers. And by carefully selecting the right fellow blogger, you’ll reach an audience that is already warmed up for your message and your service.

8. E-Mail Marketing

The final way to market your website for free is e-mail marketing. But first, you’ll need to create some high-value content.

Customers may be wary of signing up for a mailing list. So, one way to entice them is to offer something for free when they sign up.

For a dentist, this may be an ebook or online infographic for maintaining healthy teeth. This assures the customer that your marketing will be a source of regular, valuable content.

Advertise Your Website Free: The Bottom Line

Now you’ve learned eight great ways to advertise your website free of charge. But do you know what the next big move should be?