5 Out of the Ordinary Promotional Ideas that Work

Do your marketing campaigns need a little kick in the behind? Are you bored of traditional promotional ideas that are overdone, overused, and cheesy? We’ve got a solution, actually–we have five of them.

Did you know that 85% of customers who receive promotional products will go on to do business with the advertiser? That’s a staggering statistic that you need to be a part of.

In this article, we’ll cover five incredible promotional ideas that are sure to intrigue your customers and pull in the leads no matter if you’re marketing online, at a trade show, or on the city streets.

Creative Promotional Ideas You Wish You Thought Of

Are you ready to think outside the box and wow your customers (and your boss for thinking up such brilliant ideas)? Get your creative thinking cap on, we’re getting started.

1. Sidewalk Chalk

Time to call up your niece and ask her nicely if you can borrow her sidewalk chalk. No, we’re not kidding!

When people walk down the street what are they doing? Admiring the scenery? Sadly no, they’re looking down and at their phones.

This is a great chance for you to draw your Instagram handle or tagline all over the pavement and ignite major interest. Trust us, it works.

2. Vacations

Everyone takes a second look when they hear the words “free vacation”. Grow your email list and get some new leads by starting a competition that gives away a free vacation.

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3. Rethink Your Printed Material

When we say printed materials, we’re talking about everything from business cards and flyers to your pricing sheets. Mix it up from the usual and include 3D popups (like this), fancy artwork, or promotional items that double as something useful like a phone case.

Stand out from the rest by spicing your print up a bit and going against the flow.

4. Organize a Flashmob

Trying to get some viral content going? Organize a flash mob to get people talking.

Sure this can seem like outrageous guerilla marketing, but it might be just crazy enough to work. If you execute this just right, you can guarantee people won’t forget about you easily and that’s exactly what you want when marketing.

5. Branded Items

People love things, that will never change. Luckily for you, that means you can create promotional items that have your branding and name all of it

It’s best to use items that people will actually use to avoid wasting money and having your items thrown away and worse yet, your name–forgotten. We have found items like a portable charging cable, drawstring bags, water bottles, and pens work best.

What Promotional Idea Will You Go With?

Put these promotional ideas to work and watch the leads pour in. If you’re looking for a marketing firm to help you with your campaigns or strategy, go to Find A Business That… today and find the perfect company to help you.

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