A Business Owner’s Guide to Buying a Safe for Your Office

The quality in the safe you buy could mean the difference between keeping your confidential documents safe and losing them to a thief or a fire. With that in mind, finding a high-quality safe is an absolute must.

You can buy a safe pretty much anywhere, and they all look the same. So, what’s the real thing that separates a sloppy slab of metal from a safe that can genuinely protect your possessions?

Calm down, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what goes into buying a safe and how you can use this information to get you the safe you deserve.

There’s No Such Thing as Buying a Safe that’s Fireproof

If a case tries to advertise that it’s fireproof, steer clear. There’s a good chance you may be spending money on cheap protection.

A completely fireproof case would last forever in the middle of a blaze – and currently, nothing like that exists.

There are, however, a ton of fire-resistant cases. These cases are ranked in classes, and they can withstand various temperatures for certain time lengths depending on which one you get.

Stay Away from the Hidden Wall Safes

Hidden safes may sound like the most secure safe out there. After all, it’s hidden, which means no one knows it’s there…right?

If you really care about your belongings, do not place them in a wall safe. Sure, they may look cool, stashed away in your wall, but if a thief happens to spot it all it takes is a crowbar to unhinge it from the studs in your wall.

Even worse, the outer lining tends to be thin on hidden safes; a few good wacks with an ax would split it wide open. Top that off with the fact that they usually aren’t even fireproof, and you’d be crazy to place your important things in one.

Check Your Locking System

The locking mechanism is perhaps the most important thing on a safe.

Your safe means very little if it has a poor lock on it. It doesn’t really matter if it’s fire resistant, flood resistant, or made out of the thickest steel — if the lock is weak, your safe is at risk of being broken into very easily.

Make sure you know about the types of locks available and choose the one that fits you. Then, when you buy your safe, check the quality of that lock to see if it meets your security needs.

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