5 Shortcuts to Finding Quality SEO Services for Your Small Business

There are two kinds of small business: businesses that serve a specific client base, and businesses that grow. You want to be the second kind.

Yet, reaching out new clients can be tougher than anything else. You need to reach people where they normally go.

Over 1 billion people use Google today – a seventh of the entire world population. Around 85 percent of those people never click past the first page, though.

To reach users, you need quality SEO services to develop an effective SEO strategy.

It’s harder than it sounds to find a good company that does this, and you will want a third party to navigate the algorithm’s complexities.

Keep reading for tips on finding the best SEO team for you.

1. Look at the Color of Their Hat

In the SEO business, there are two types of businesses. The first kinds are called white hat companies, which provide legitimate SEO services. They don’t abuse their knowledge of the algorithm and will work to see you at the top of the pile.

The other kind is the kind you should avoid. They’re called black hat services, and they abuse the system. Keyword stuffing, or repeating keywords many times, is a common tactic they use. They also make keyword text small, so it’s picked up by search engines without being seen by users.

Hiring black hat services can harm your business in the long-run, so avoid it.

2. Quality SEO Services are Hidden

Most quality SEO services don’t actually show up when you search for them. They can usually operate by word-of-mouth and grow their client base through referrals.

In fact, larger SEO services may not be as good as smaller ones. Larger ones may not focus on your needs, because they are simply juggling too many clients at once.

Smaller ones can take the time to understand your business. For an example, view here. This company limits the number of people they take on at once so that they can provide excellent SEO services for them.

3. Ask Around

In all likelihood, other people in your industry are familiar with SEO companies and their strategies. It can’t hurt to ask around at your next conference, or to just pay a friend in the industry a visit.

It’s best to use the services other people know about. You’ll know that they do good work.

4. Expect Some Expectations

Good services will be able to tell you what your return will be with them. Their numbers may not be exact, but you should always look for their numbers.

Poorly performing SEO services will want to hide their numbers. Quality ones will show them off, and will not hesitate to show you how they can impact your business.

All you have to do is ask what you can expect from working with them!

5. Package Deals Rule

If you’re a small business that doesn’t have a website yet, then you may have an opportunity to save money.

Making your own website is tedious, complex, and you can never be sure if you’re doing it right. It’s better to hire a web designer.

The good part is that web designers don’t stop at the website. They usually include an SEO strategy as part of hiring them – saving you money!

Don’t Go It Alone

It is crucial in today’s world to have an effective SEO strategy. Despite the importance SEO is for your business, it can be hard to find the right one.

Just keep searching for a quality SEO service and one will eventually pop up. Keep asking around, and always make sure the service you’re considering is legitimate. Otherwise, you may be in trouble.

There are plenty of SEO teams out there, and they want your business. Contact one to grow your small business and stand out in your industry!