Ask These 3 Little-Known Web Design Questions Before Outsourcing Website Design

If you are considering outsourcing web design you are definitely on the right track. Unless your core business is web design there is too much risk involved with trying to self-perform these services.

In the digital economy, your website isn’t just a calling card. It can mean the ability to service your current clients and expand sales in an integrated digital marketplace.

Outsourcing always lets you focus on what you do best. But unless you prepare yourself with the right web design questions, you may wind up with worse problems down the road.

Make sure you know if a web designer is worth your time and money with these questions:

1. What Is Their Range of Services?

Web design can mean a wide range of things to different service providers and companies. The worst thing you can do is hire a web design company that cannot provide the services you need.

Questions to ask a web design company should include their approach to SEO in the design of their sites. How do they determine keywords when starting a new website?

In addition, can they expand along with your changing needs? Do they provide SEO content and A/B testing as well?

In reviewing their basic services, you need to make sure their skills line up with your goals.

2. Do They Outsource?

One question many companies overlook when hiring a web designer is if they outsource. You may find yourself hiring a qualified design firm only to discover they aren’t actually performing the work themselves.

Why bother pouring over their past work and reviewing their experience if they aren’t actually going to be designing your website?

While outsourcing basic services like photography, writing, or art might be fine, make sure they are the ones who will be designing your site.

3. How Do They Handle Web and Hosting?

You want to make sure you understand the direction your website is headed in. Your website will provide the scalable foundation for servicing clients and attracting new ones.

Make sure you understand the strategy the design company will use for both web and hosting.

One of the best questions to ask a web developer is the relationship between your future website and hosting packages. You also need a sense of the types of design platforms they will use.

A good web designer will outline the initial and ongoing relationship between your site and hosting.

Moving Beyond Web Design Questions

Whether you are on the verge of launching a new eCommerce company or working to revamp your internal branding there, is no better time to make the most of your digital presence. Asking the right web design questions will assure your team that your branding and digital marketing are on a solid foundation.

But while you wait to sign that new outsourcing contract, there are some additional steps you can take. As you position your company for SEO and digital marketing you can start working on content for your clients.

The right content will help you draw visitors, retain clients, and drive sales. Find out more now about how to develop a killer keyword list for your new website.