Auto Advertising: 4 Tips for Marketing Your Car Service

Do you run your own vehicle business? Whether you transport people or packages or rent out cars, you’re undoubtedly up against some big competition.

No matter what city you service, you’ll have name-brand competitors and other small businesses in your field to worry about. Your business won’t get out of the parking lot if no one’s heard of you.

So we’ve created this marketing guide for vehicle-centered small businesses. Use these small business marketing ideas to promote your local vehicle business.

Local Advertising

We’ll start with the obvious. Use traditional advertising methods to spread your name throughout your local operating area.

But before you do, it’s essential that you know your competition. You need to know their services and pricing to know what advantages you have over them.

Why should customers choose your-less known business over their established favorites? Make sure you offer a very good selling-point in your ads that your competition doesn’t provide.

Then, print flyers and leaflets and put them wherever you can. For transportation services, bars, hotels, and airports are a great place for these.

Also, advertise in local papers, magazines, billboards, and local radio. For printed ads, always include a deal or discount via coupon, coupon codeword or scannable QR code.

QR codes are great because the customer doesn’t have to take the paper with them. You can even put QR codes on posters at bus stops.

Advertise Yourself

Always advertise current deals on your business vehicle with printed vehicle wraps. There are many businesses that can print these giant labels for your specific vehicle.

Include eye-catching graphics that will draw lots of attention. Here are some excellent examples for creative inspiration.

Also, put your discount QR codes right on your bumper for passersby to scan.

Online Advertising

Don’t forget about online advertising. First, make sure you get your correct business information into online business directories like Google My Business.

Next, you must have a website where customers can look you up. It should be responsive, have a blog, and follow all the other basic rules of search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO).

It should also be sleek and professional-looking. For a good example, check out this website for Barcelona Exclusive Private Tours.

A great website is extremely important to your business. If you need to, go ahead and hire a professional web designer to get you started.

Then use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services like Google AdWords and Bing Ads to bring customers to your site. The great thing about advertising this way is you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

Also, engage with your public on your business social media accounts.

Make Connections

Lastly, make friends with the local businesses in your area. For many businesses, helping you will help them.

For example, when a bar needs to get someone home, you could be the “on-call” cab service they can count on. If a local florist doesn’t offer a delivery service, perhaps you can arrange a deal to be their official delivery partner.

Find local businesses that would benefit from a partnership and offer your services.

Best Small Business Marketing Ideas For Vehicle Services

You’re still here? Get out there and get marketing!

Use these small business marketing ideas to promote your vehicular business.

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