5 Great Ways to Sell Your Sports Memorabilia

Searching through forgotten items sometimes leads to hidden treasures.

Sports memorabilia can be sold as an easy way to get extra cash. But where should you start? Read on to find out the inside scoop when it comes to selling jerseys, cards, autographs, and more.

Here are 5 great ways to sell your sports memorabilia!

1. Auctions

There are a few different places to find auctions to sell your items.

For example, a quick web search offers multiple local auction shops. These shops have certain standards, so they attract serious buyers.

Compare estimates from various places to find the best deals. The last thing you want to do is let an item go for less than it’s worth.

2. Websites

One of the best places to start listing your memorabilia to sell? Websites.

Listing items online is a quick and easy process. Since there are so many, shop around to see which have the best ratings.

Appraisals for items from credible sources are key. Hiring a professional appraiser can be expensive, however.

Websites often offer free appraisals, but beware of scams!.If an appraiser has an active interest in purchasing the memorabilia, they may attempt to appraise it at a low cost.

3. Private Dealers

Private dealers know what they want.

If a specific item a person has is on their list, they may be more willing to purchase more. Trends are a huge factor in memorabilia, especially for professional sports. For example, signed or vintage Chicago Bulls tickets could possibly be worth more depending on the season or signature.

Call local dealers to find out what they are currently seeking. If needed, expand your search. Shipping to other locations may become expensive, but worth the cost to protect the item from becoming damaged.

4. Shows

Memorabilia shows are a great way to find collectors.

However, make sure you protect your items from damage when they’re in transit. Shows can last a long time, and transporting them can sometimes cause defects.

Shows are another great way to sell, and can be a way to barter for pricing. If available, appraisers in the area can help figure the item’s worth.

Bartering is an effective tool to gain more money. Still, you need to be realistic with pricing your items.

5. Estate and Garage Sales

Estate and garage sales are another great way to sell sports memorabilia. Typically, garage or estate sales can net $500 to $1,000 in extra cash.

Selling memorabilia at a garage or estate sale puts a person at risk of short-selling. Without proper appraisal of the items, an item can be sold for much less than it’s worth.

Be willing to barter a bit to get the sale you deserve.

Selling Sports Memorabilia

There are a few different, yet great ways to sell sports memorabilia.

Auction houses are perfect for not only appraising items, but finding buyers.

Websites, shows, and garage or estate sales are perfect for listing items properly, and finding buyers who are interested.

Garage and estate sales are target areas for buyers looking for specific memorabilia or collectibles. However, be aware of the item’s true worth before selling it for cheap!

To conclude, the most important advice is that a person needs to do research.

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