VPN Service for Business: 5 Things You Need to Know

As a data breach could cost your company nearly $4 million through lost revenue, lawsuits, or a damaged reputation, you have to take security seriously.

More companies are starting to try out different tactics for protecting their communications, their customers, and their intellectual property. Connecting through VPN service could be the answer to many of your problems.

Here are just a few benefits that a VPN connection could bring to your business.

1. Improved Security

When you’re hosting private customer information and your own digital projects, you need to make sure you have enhanced security.

If your customers’ private information or passwords leak out, you could be in for a class action suit based on your negligence. As many people use the same password for multiple sites, including private emails, those passwords and usernames could lead to important accounts. You could be handing out bank information by accident when you leave your connections unsecured.

If you’re in the app or digital products business, your intellectual property probably lives on servers connected to your company’s machines. If that gets out, not only could you lose company secrets but you could lose real revenue to competitors. You need to protect what your company has worked so hard for instead of leaving your connections open to being intercepted.

Improved security through a VPN connection ensures that your data is encrypted and secure. When your information is kept away from hackers, you can rest assured that your clients and your work are safe.

2. Remote Access

With the rise of the distributed workplace, more people are working from abroad or from home than ever before. Remote access to networks at companies across the globe allow every business, big and small, to have access to the best talent around.

However, if you’re connecting across vast networks, it’s exponentially more likely that your data could get intercepted. When you access things remotely, you leave a port open on your network.

With a VPN, secure information can be accessed remotely. You might find that productivity at your company increases when you give your employees the option to work from home or remotely.

Instead of feeling tied to their desks, they’ll have the freedom to work from their favorite cafe thanks to a VPN connection.

You can even share files over a VPN. If a group is on a retreat or at a conference, they can share data for a period with a VPN service. Find out more at VPNExplained.

3. Anonymity Online

When you’re doing opposition research or browsing as part of the research for a project, you might need some anonymity. If your competitors or even if search engines find that your IP is being used to look up certain items, you could end up having your company targeted. Even just being targeted by specific ads could be undesirable.

Rather than using software to hide your IP or complicated web proxies, VPNs can do a better job giving you complete anonymity online.

You can access applications and websites in totally anonymous conditions.

If you’re checking out a competitor and want to see how they look from another country, you could get an IP from somewhere else. Your VPN will allow you to start researching how to expand your business abroad by offering anonymity across borders.

4. Unblock Websites

If you’re struggling to look at blocked websites, a VPN could be your all-access pass. Perhaps your competitors have blocked your IP address, or you don’t want to undo your internet filters. A VPN will allow you to go beyond your corporate firewall temporarily or bypass other filters.

When internet censorship is an issue, VPNs come into play. There are a wide variety of companies where VPNs are very popular. Rather than see a catered version of a website due to censorship, people using a VPN have access to everything.

With all of the VPN services available for free, there’s no wonder that it’s upsetting to dictators that there’s so much information available online. You can see things that get filtered out by news sites even by using a VPN.

This is a great tool for people on a university or a limited public network. If you suspect that some of the data you’re trying to access is blocked, try accessing it with a VPN just to be sure.

5. More For Less

You can get better performance from your network with the help of a VPN. Rather than being saddled with all of the baggage of your inefficient network or limited bandwidth, a VPN can scramble the signal just enough. That will allow you to send and receive more data faster.

And when you set up a VPN, you don’t have to worry about high maintenance fees. Keeping a VPN up to date is cheap and easy. Most VPN services offer regular updates to maintain the security of their services.

IF you pay for a VPN service provider, the setup for your network should be a breeze. Surveillance will no longer be among your worries with the help of a VPN.

Since so many VPN services are so cheap or even free, it’s surprising that more people across industries aren’t using a VPN.

Using a VPN Service is Simple and Cheap

Since just about every VPN service offers a cheap or free trial option, setting up a VPN has never been more accessible or easier.

Using a VPN could be a breakthrough for your creative team or your global marketing team. Once you set it up, you’ll find there are dozens of ways that it can benefit your company.

If you’re wondering what the value of cybersecurity is to your business, check out our latest guide.