What is an Enterprise Architecture Business? A Beginner’s Guide

A building architect designs structures and ensures they work at optimal levels of efficiency with everything that makes them up.

There’s a new type of architect, however, that works within a business.

Enterprise architecture may be a relatively new industry, but it’s one that businesses are starting to see a need for.

Keep reading to find out exactly what enterprise architecture is, and how it can help your business.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Like a building architect, an enterprise architect creates designs with the goal of creating an efficient structure. The key difference is that an enterprise architect designs business structures.

There are a number of moving parts within your business. There may be a marketing team, a design team, a sales team, plus various executives and more. To top it off, your IT structure includes just as many systems used by each department.

It’s the job of an enterprise architect to study all of those moving parts and make sure nothing is preventing another part from doing their job. They may also recommend implementing new systems that allows everything and everybody to work together more easily.

Who Needs an Enterprise Architect?

Any business with multiple IT systems in place or several different departments can benefit from consulting with an enterprise architect. Even small businesses may be able to improve productivity after a consult.

Here are some signs that you should definitely have an enterprise architect look at your business:

  • You’ve had multiple complaints about the functionality of your systems
  • Productivity levels have inexplicably dropped
  • There are frequent miscommunications between departments
  • Processes that should be simple take multiple steps
  • You feel your business isn’t running as smoothly as it could be

If you’re ready to take your first step towards consulting with an enterprise architect, one of the best ways is through the Architecture Center. There, they offer business consultations as well as courses on enterprise architecture.

Benefits of Hiring an Enterprise Architect

Although we’ve already covered a few of them, let’s go into more details about how your business can benefit from hiring an enterprise architect.

Increased Efficiency

Enterprise architecture can help eliminate redundant processes within your business. This allows your business to save time and resources.

Lower Employee Turnover Rates

When employees can quickly and easily do what they need to do, they’re much happier, which reduces your turnover rates.

Save Money

Redundant processes can mean using extra assets, whether it’s physical supplies or employee time. By cutting down on these, you can save money.

Another way enterprise architecture can help you save money is by combining IT systems. Instead of paying for a different system for each department, everyone can share one that does everything.

Want More Business Tips?

Now you know that enterprise architecture is a way for businesses to streamline their processes. And, it can help your business become more efficient, save money, and lose fewer employees.

If you want more business tips to organize, optimize, and grow your business, be sure to check out our blog.