How to Recycle (Or Cash in!) Your Copper Scraps

Many people have started recycling to help preserve the earth.

Common household items to recycle are paper and plastic. There are other things in your house that could be worth recycling, too.

One often overlooked recyclable is copper scraps.

Copper is a common metal that has been used since the beginning of human history. Its use hasn’t let us down yet, but we won’t be able to source it brand-new forever.

To make a little extra money and play a role in preserving an important natural resource, consider recycling your copper scraps.

Here’s How To Get Started Recycling Your Copper Scraps

1. Copper Is Everywhere

The first step to cashing in on your copper is to realize it is all around you.

Copper is an extremely common metal. It is used in various parts of home-building like plumbing pipes, roofing materials, and inside air conditioners. Copper can also be found in old wires that you might have.

You don’t have to go tearing down your house to find some of this precious metal, though.

Copper is used in many forms of electric motors. This means if you are a car enthusiast, work with electric tools, or have a generator or small server lying around, you have some copper.

Keep your eye out for a spare piece or cheap part that you might be able to flip at a local scrap shop.

Also remember brass is considered a form of copper. Even your old copper pan can go for more by recycling than a garage sale.

2. Check Your Pocket for Rare Pennies

You know that penny jar you have in the kitchen or on top of the dresser?

It might be worth more than you think.

Think about it this way: if you have 231 pennies, you have a monetary value of $2.31.

In that collection, though, you may have a rare vintage coin.

If you happen to stumble upon a valuable coin the best thing to do is sell it on its own. There are many coin collectors and enthusiasts potentially waiting for the vintage spare change in your pocket.

Always keep your eye out for one of these.

However, if some of the pennies in your jar were minted prior to 1982, you could have significantly more than a few bucks worth.

But, you can’t take your pennies to the scrap yard (yet).

While the copper scrap price per pound is higher than its face value, scrap yards cannot legally accept a bag of old pennies, even if the copper is valuable. It is against federal law to deface U.S. currency, no matter how much it is actually worth or how it can help the planet.

Some people are simply waiting for this policy to change. You can find them willing to buy pennies in bulk online via Craigslist or Ebay.

3. Collect on Your Copper

Once you know where to find your copper scraps and have stored up a good amount, you have to cash it in.

Take the extra time to sort your ferrous and non-ferrous metal, it could make a difference in the value you get.

From there, just take a quick trip to your closest scrap metal or recycling center and cash in on your copper.

From Copper Scraps to Extra Cash

Recycling copper is an easy way to help the environment. Collecting a little cash for things you already have and don’t use is a win-win for the planet and you.

Have you found success in copper recycling, or know a few other tips?

Let us know with a comment in the reply box below.

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