5 Commonly Forgotten Things New Homeowners Can Not Be Without

No matter how long your moving checklist is, you’re bound to forget something. New homeowners are especially vulnerable to leaving out important home necessities.

You likely have the main furniture pieces packed as well as clothing and dishware. Everything you moved from rental to rental in the past is ready to go.

But, as a homeowner, you need to remember a few other essential items.

Since you’ve never owned a house before, it’s not surprising these items get forgotten. Keep reading to find out 5 surprising things new homeowners need.

1. Fire Extinguisher

Most rental facilities come equipped with safety appliances. It’s up to the landlord to ensure each unit has these items required by law.

Now that you own your own home, it’s up to you to cover these safety bases. The number one item you need is a fire extinguisher.

You can buy fire extinguishers at most home renovation stores. Or, the previous owner may have left theirs behind. In that case, make sure you check that it’s functioning and easy to locate in an emergency.

2. Vacuum

If you’re old enough to buy a house, it’s time to stop borrowing your parent’s vacuum. They’re one of the most commonly forgotten new home essentials.

Many people avoid buying vacuums because they can be expensive. But, this investment will make up for its cost in the long run. Having a working, easy to use vacuum makes cleaning less of a burden and even speeds up the task.

3. No Solicitation Sign

No one likes getting interrupted during their dinner by the doorbell. Especially when the person ringing is a stranger trying to sell you things you don’t need.

You can avoid this annoyance altogether in your new home by getting no soliciting signs. Although often overlooked, these signs are one of the most important things to buy for a new house.

They effectively discourage door-to-door salespeople from interrupting your time. They can also save you money by taking away the opportunity to buy things you don’t need.

4. Tools

The best part of moving into your first new home is decorating. Making it feel comfortable and enjoyable to be in is half the fun of moving.

Unfortunately, many people get caught up in the picture frames and art pieces. They forget to pack tools.

Every new homeowner needs their own toolkit. It should include a stud finder, nails, a hammer, and a few other things. Like a vacuum, this initial investment will pay for itself after your first move.

5. Ladder

Why would you buy a ladder when you could stand on a chair to reach the top shelf? Because as a new homeowner, you have more to worry about than the contents on your shelves.

You need to be aware of the cleanliness of your roof gutters and the state of your roof. Many other out-of-reach areas are your responsibility to maintain.

Buying a ladder for your first move will make learning about taking care of a home easier.

Interested in More Things New Homeowners Need?

Moving into your first home is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. Your packing list is long, but are you forgetting important things?

There are a few things new homeowners need, but almost always forget to buy. Use this list to supplement your packing checklist.

For more information on moving, packing, and taking care of your first new home, check out our blog.

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