7 Creative Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Bring in New Patients

Consider what you’re doing right now to enhance your dental practice.

If you’re not engaging in marketing, you’re missing out on new patients. You can’t depend on your existing patients to keep you in business.

Effective marketing allows you to attract customers and draw them to your website. The methods that you use are of the utmost importance. You want to attract qualified prospects to your site so that you can convert them into leads and then to clients.

Here are dental marketing ideas that will bring in new clients.

1. Use Images

Blogs that contain images are read more frequently than those without any. Not only do they help to break up the text, they just are more pleasant to look at.

Before and after images are powerful images when it comes to dental procedures. Many people are not happy with their smile and they love to see what you can do!

Your best bet would be to take your own pictures, though there are many sites where you can use images for free or a small fee. Make sure that you get permission from your patients before you put their pictures online!

2. Facebook

Facebook is the most common social media site. It is where most businesses start. In fact, if you only decide to choose one social media site, most marketers will recommend that you start with this one.

Facebook allows you to make a business page where you can start posting regularly to get the attention of the millions of Facebook users. If you have a marketing budget, you can spend a little money on paid advertising and really increase your reach.

Even better, you can target these ads to make sure that you are reaching local customers who are looking for a new dentist.

3. Twitter

Twitter is another popular site and many marketers recommend that you use Twitter for your first or second social media site.

Unfortunately, Twitter can take a lot of time. It is important that you tweet several times throughout your day to reach as many people as possible. However, each tweet should only be one hundred and forty characters or less, so it shouldn’t take you too much time.

Because there are so many tweets sent every minute, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Since your message may get missed, you can tweet the same message more than once to be even more effective.

4. YouTube Videos

If you want to make videos, you should think about adding YouTube to your social media marketing campaign. More and more people are watching videos when they are trying to learn about something, making YouTube almost as popular as Facebook.

By adding YouTube to your marketing campaign, you have the chance of meeting even more potential customers. You can make videos detailing the services that you offer, as well as video reviews.

Don’t forget about tips for taking care of your teeth. All of these will make great videos that should be pretty popular.

5. Prioritize SEO

When you create your website’s content you need to consider how you are working to separate yourself from competitors. According to Forbes, you need to organize content in logical and creative ways while creating solid navigation systems that help visitors and search engines understand how to find what is most important.

The way that you create links between your web pages from within your navigational structure and content is an important art and science that needs to be well planned.

Offering valuable content that sets you apart from your competition should be an ongoing process. You should always consider how your visitors perceive their time on your site, and you should think about the things that you can provide to them to make their lives easier.

This company suggests you offer an important educational tool digitally. A teeth whitening technique with paper, for example, may be able to get a leg up on your competitors from a customer service perspective, and the search engines will know that you are unique in this regard.

6. Share Human Interest Stories About the Company

No doubt at this point you either have a social media presence or are preparing your first big introduction. Marketing posts for a business can serve a lot of functions. Everything from announcing sales to creating lively discussion topics.

However, every now and then make sure to throw in something with a human interest twist, preferably from inside the company itself. When you’re looking to humanize your brand, remember that your company is full of very relatable employees. Their lives, challenges, and victories are things that your online community can relate to.

Social media is the perfect place to share your fun company culture events, your financial officer’s new puppy, or the hiring of a new marketing artist.

Announce, share, and create discussions. Invite your audience to share their own work experience in response.

7. Writing Blogs Offering Second Opinions

The key to attaining new or even temporary clients through second opinion blogs is to offer real advice while making it clear that only a visit can truly diagnose and suggest treatment.

Patients often look for second opinions when they are afraid of the solution offered by their dentist or think that the issue is more or less serious than their usual dentist is treating it.

Therefore, you will get a great deal of mileage from describing a variety of alternative solutions to common (and uncommon) dental problems, along with the experience patients will have with each treatment.

Applying The Dental Marketing Ideas

By tapping into these dental marketing ideas, you have the ability to get a better return on investment. Someone will work specifically to research your business and get a better understanding of what makes you unique within the industry.

Additionally, working with a marketing agency gives you the premier edge to generate more leads and connect with potential patients. It’s all a matter of deciding that you need the assistance and knowing that you can’t do it on your own.

Once you convert leads into patients, you can then focus on providing them with stellar service so that they will choose your dental practice time and again.

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