When You Should Buy Used Auto Parts to Fix Your Car

The average vehicle owner pays somewhere between $500 and $600 for an auto repair. While that might not seem like a lot of money to some people, about 30 percent of those who have auto repairs done rack up debt they can’t afford to pay off right away.

One way to avoid doing this the next time you need to have an auto repair done is by buying used car parts rather than new ones. Used auto parts can save you a lot of money and prove to be every bit as reliable as new car parts would be.

Before you start buying used car parts to fix your car, though, there are a few questions you should ask yourself about them. Your answers will let you know if it’s a good idea to purchase used parts in the first place.

Check them out below.

How Much Will You Save By Buying Used Car Parts Over New Ones?

The first thing you want to do before buying used car parts is compare the price of the used parts to the price of new parts.

In some cases, you might save a ton of money by going with used parts instead of new ones. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars if you take the time to track down a used engine that will fit your vehicle, for example.

But in other cases, the hassle that comes along with finding used auto parts won’t be worth the savings that you’ll experience at the register at the end of your repair.

You should take the time to crunch the numbers and analyze your savings when you’re considering new vs. used auto parts.

Will The Used Car Parts Be Easy to Find?

It’s not always easy to find the exact used auto parts that you need for your vehicle.

There are some great businesses that are specifically set up to deliver high-quality used auto parts to customers. They keep a large number of used parts in stock at all times and can usually ship them out right away so that auto repair jobs can be completed.

But it’ll really depend on which parts you’re in the market for.

If you have a part that’s too specific or you need a part from a rare vehicle, you might have some trouble tracking down the part in question. It could end up turning into a big headache that will make you wish you had just gone with new car parts instead.

Will the Used Car Parts Be in Good Condition?

You always want to be careful when buying used car parts like used car starters. You want to work with companies that have lots of experience when it comes to finding and selling used parts.

There are, unfortunately, some companies that will take used parts that are rusted out and paint them to make them look like they’re almost new. They’ll attempt to pass them off as high-quality parts when, in reality, they shouldn’t go anywhere near your vehicle.

If possible, you should closely inspect all used auto parts before using them in your vehicle. You should look for any signs of rust and make sure they’re in good condition prior to using them to make a repair.

How Quickly Can You Get Your Hands on the Used Car Parts?

If you’re repairing your vehicle on your own, time might not be a huge issue for you. You can order used auto parts and get around to making your repair whenever they arrive.

However, time could be an issue for those who have their vehicle in an auto repair shop. If it’s going to take several days for you to track down used parts for your car, the auto repair shop could start charging you a fee if your car is just sitting in their lot.

Whatever fees you rack up could end up cutting into the savings you’ll enjoy by going with used auto parts.

You might also run into a problem if you need to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. By spending too much time searching around for used parts, you’ll make it impossible for you to make repairs on your car quickly and get it up and running again.

Will the Used Car Parts Keep You and Your Family Safe?

At the end of the day, you want the parts that you put into your vehicle during a repair to make it safer. New or used, you just want to make sure you don’t put anyone’s safety at risk by cutting corners.

With that in mind, there are some used car parts you should steer clear of using. They include:

  • Used brake pads
  • Used rotors
  • Used tires
  • And more!

The savings you’ll experience with these parts won’t be worth the risk you’ll assume by using them. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you went with new parts instead.

Will There Be a Warranty That Comes With the Used Car Parts?

A reputable used auto parts dealer will usually offer some kind of warranty along with the parts they sell.

While this warranty will typically only last for six months or so, it’ll prove to you that they’re willing to stand behind the parts they’re selling to you.

If a company doesn’t offer a warranty of any kind, it’s not necessarily a red flag. Some companies just aren’t prepared to offer warranties on parts that have been used.

But it is a good idea to try and find a company that will provide you with an extra layer of protection by giving you a warranty.

Start Shopping for Used Car Parts Today

There are many advantages that come along with buying used car parts.

As long as you’re willing to look around for the parts you need, you could cut your auto repair costs way down and get your hands on high-quality parts that will last you for a long time.

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