Beginning Vaper Guide: How to Choose the Best Vape Juice

As a new vaper, you’re probably not sure how to choose the best vape juice. All of the crazy flavors sound delicious, but e-liquids are more complex than you expected.

You ask questions like, what does PG/VG mean? And do you really need nicotine in your vape juice?

Don’t worry — these are common questions asked by beginning vapers. Choosing the best e-liquid depends on preference. But if you’re not sure what your preference is, there’s an easy way to scale out all of your options.

Here’s your guide to vape juice, from the complex stuff to all of the crazy flavors. And how to choose the best vape juice for you.

First — The Complex Stuff

Before we get to differentiating the crazy flavors, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. When you purchase a vape juice, you probably see some different options. This includes PG/VG, and nicotine content.

We all should know nicotine as the highly addictive ingredient in cigarettes. But what are PG and VG? Here’s an explanation of these and how to choose your vape juice based on them.


PG, or propylene glycol, and VG, or vegetable glycerin, are two of the biggest e-liquid components. They are odorless and colorless liquids at the base of all e-liquids.

They’re both in all e-liquids, but each liquid is made with varying percentages of each.

You probably see PG and VG displayed as a ratio. While most vape users buy 50/50 PG and VG, plenty of vapers prefer one or more of the other.

Here are the differences between the two.


PG is a petroleum by-product found in just about every product we use. It’s safe for humans (but not cats!) and makes your e-liquid pack a mighty punch.

Vapers prefer PG because it makes the e-liquid thin and runny. This prevents any build-up in your e-cig. Former smokers prefer PG-based liquids because the hit is much more subtle, like the way a cigarette hits.

Some vapers say PG-dominant juices produce more flavor, but this depends on the vape user and the juice flavor.

But keep in mind, the thin juice consistency makes the juice burn easily. This wastes the juice. It’s also common to get a burnt taste because the PG-dominant juices burn easily.


VG is derived from vegetable oil, which is found in just about everything we use. Vegetable oil is commonly used for cooking, so VG-dominant juices are safe to consume and have a high resistance to heat.

If you plan on using a sub ohm vape mod, you should always use VG-dominant juices.

VG-based juices are more powerful than PG-based juices and these vaporizers are built for bigger hits. This is why VG-dominant juices are famous for creating big clouds.

Keep in mind, VG-based juices have a thicker consistency. You’ll gain a lot from your hits and it will take awhile for the juice to burn. But build-up occurs, so you’ll have to clean your e-cig more often.


Each juice comes with different nicotine strengths. If you’re vaping for pleasure, choose a juice with no nicotine. But if you’re trying to quit smoking, the nicotine levels depend on your preference.

Here are common nicotine levels:

  • 0 mg/mL (nicotine-free)
  • 3 mg/mL (low nicotine)
  • 6 mg/mL (low nicotine)
  • 12 mg/mL (medium nicotine)
  • 18 mg/mL (high nicotine)
  • 24 mg/mL (high nicotine)

There’s a chance a particular vape juice won’t have these all of these nicotine options. But most e-liquids have plenty of nicotine levels to choose.

If you’re trying to quit smoking altogether, start at a high-nicotine level and slowly decrease down until you don’t feel any more nicotine cravings. If you plan on vaping for the long-term, stick with a lower or medium-level nicotine content.

If you’re unsure about your nicotine level, the lowest is always the best. Former smokers should experience different nicotine levels until you know what you want.

Now — The Fun Part

So the boring stuff is out of the way. It’s time to get to the fun part: the flavor. Before you immediately search for the cotton candy or the razzleberry flavors, you should understand the myriad of e-liquid flavor options.

Blends and Single Flavors

When you start becoming a vape consummate, you will hear these two terms: blend and a single flavor. But what do they mean?

Single flavors don’t contain any flavors mixed in. Popular options include vanilla, marshmallow, cinnamon, cherry, and chocolate.

Blends are different flavors mixed together to form a unique flavor. These are the crazy vape juices with the odd names that make you scratch your head.

Single flavors and blends are both delicious, so the preference depends on you. Plenty of vapers love classic single flavors, but blends catapult you in a unique vaping realm. Try both and see which ones you prefer.

Common Flavors

Most vape blends use a similar common base. And there are common single flavors all vape juice brands carry. These include:

  • Tobacco (for people quitting cigarettes)
  • Mint
  • Breakfast flavors (cereal, syrup, etc.)
  • Fruit
  • Desserts
  • Candy
  • Drinks (coffee, mimosa, Coke, etc.)

Experiment with all of these flavors for added fun.

There Are Always New Flavors

You should never be bored when choosing a vape juice. New arrivals appear all of the time. Check it out!

Vape juice brands get creative; whether they make a juice taste exactly like a chocolate milkshake or they create a crazy concoction, choosing vape juices is the best part about vaping.

Time to Choose the Best Vape Juice

One of the best parts about vaping is choosing the best vape juice. But new vapers often feel intimidated. Experiment with different flavors, PG/VG ratios and nicotine levels.

Pay attention to the type of vape mod you prefer, if you quit smoking, and if you don’t mind e-cig cleaning.

And always remember — new flavors constantly emerge. So shopping for e-juices will never get old. And if you prefer good ol’ fashioned single flavors, the vape juice selection will never disappoint.

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