How to Clean Your Vape Tank 101: How It’s Done

Cleaning your vape tank is essential to having the best experience when you vape. If you start to notice that the juice isn’t tasting right, it’s time to take action. In fact, it’s best to clean your tank once a week.

You may wonder what the best process is to keep everything clean. Here are some simple steps to help you clean your tank.

Empty the Tank

The first step is to remove any e-juice from your tank. If you haven’t been cleaning it regularly, you may notice sticky residue in the tank or on the coil. This

This grime is exactly what you’re targeting.

Dump any e-juice out and then hold the clearomizer under warm running water to rinse it. If you’ve been keeping up with regular cleaning, 30 seconds under a strong stream should be enough. If not, you may need more time.

After you’ve thoroughly rinsed the tank, let it dry.

Consider a Vape Tank Cleaner

The easiest way to maintain your tank is to use a vape tank cleaner. You can find them online or at many stores that sell e-juice supplies.

The vape cleaner will allow you to simply drop the components in with some water and wait a few minutes. The device will do all the work using an ultrasonic process.

The vape tank cleaner can be a great idea for those who switch juice flavors regularly since you should clean the tank between each flavor. If you don’t clean it, you can experience flavor ghosting, where the old taste comes through.

If a vape cleaner is not in the budget, you can clean the components manually.

Cleaning Your Tank by Hand

If you choose to clean your tank without a machine, there are a couple of methods to try. Soaking tanks in water or rubbing alcohol overnight can work, but there is a risk of the components deteriorating due to the exposure.

Instead, consider using a brush to clean the components with hot water, vinegar, or baking soda. You can also use dish soap or lemon juice with water.

If you’ve tried to clean your tank multiple times and are still tasting old flavors, you may need to change the coil head. You can throw out the old one and put in a new one. If that’s too costly, consider investing in a rebuildable.

You also need to clean your battery device. Simply use a paper towel or q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Clean the connection point that you screw your tank onto. A poor connection due to grime will reduce the quality of your vapor.

Good Maintenance Leads to a Great Vape

Cleaning your vape tank is a fairly quick process if you do it regularly. Like all electronic devices, a vaporizer needs a little care and attention from time to time. When you clean it and treat it well, it will provide a great experience for you time and time again.

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