What to Look for in a Realtor: 5 Critical Questions to Ask

What if asking the right questions helped you land your dream home?

This may sound audacious. However, it all comes down to knowing what to look for in a realtor.

Keep reading to discover the five most critical questions you should ask to see if the realtor is right for you!

What Is Your Level of Experience?

You’ll want to start out with a really encompassing question. We recommend asking about their level of real estate experience.

There are several related things this question helps you explore. For instance, you’ll want to know how many years they have worked in real estate, whether they are full-time realtors, and whether their license is in good standing.

It can be handy to have a good realtor to use as a reference. We recommend comparing them to this real estate company.

Will I Be Working Directly With You?

Asking your realtor these questions is a bit like a job interview. It’s your chance to figure out if this is the person you want to work with.

While it may seem obvious, it’s important to ask if you will be working directly with this person. Sometimes, you may ask one realtor questions and then end up working with someone else who you do not like as much.

Once you know for sure that this will be your main point of contact, you can ask some additional questions!

How Many Homes Have You Sold In This Area?

Earlier, the realtor may have touted their experience, including how many homes they have sold. However, there’s a more specific question you should ask: how many homes have you sold in the area where you wish to buy?

A realtor who has sold multiple homes in the vicinity is going to know the market much better. Additionally, they will be able to make the best recommendations to you if you have your heart set on that specific area!

What Is Your Client Ratio?

Theoretically, a realtor is just as versatile at selling houses as they are at helping people buy houses. In practice, though, most realtors end up specializing in one field or another.

Asking what the buy/sell client ratio of your realtor is can be a great tool in how to choose a realtor. It really is that simple: if you’re looking to buy, get a realtor who specializes in that, and vice versa!

Can You Provide References?

Most realtors can talk a good game about themselves, and many will have a top-notch website. The real question, though, is to ask them to provide references for previous satisfied clients.

This lets you cut through the marketing and talk to real human beings who have had genuine experiences with the realtor. If there’s enough good word of mouth, then you may have a winner on your hands!

What To Look For In a Realtor: The Bottom Line

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in finding a good realtor. And with the right help, you will!

At FindABusinessThat, we specialize in linking consumers with the professionals they need. To see how we can help, come browse our list of realtors today!

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