5 Cold Calling Tips for B2B Sales

The B2B or business-to-business market is pretty large. Currently, there are 5.72 million B2B enterprises.

This market is all about making connections and selling directly to business owners and CEOs of companies. Unfortunately, getting in the same room with these types of people is tough. Most times, you have to resort to cold calling to make your sales.

Of course, no one really likes cold calling, but it can be extremely lucrative if done right. You just need some cold calling tips.

1. Use a Sales Script

When it comes to cold calling, many people think that you need to be authentic and honest when making a sale. However, you still need a script to avoid stumbling over your words. This is especially true if you’re just starting a business.

You only have a few seconds to rope someone in on the phone, so you have to get it right the first time.

Just write a script that matches your own voice. Keep the script conversational, but gripping. Also, try giving it a few practice-runs so it doesn’t feel like you’re reading off the page.

2. Use Mobile and Cloud Switches

Traditional phones are falling by the wayside. Landlines are a thing of the past being replaced by mobile phones and “softphones” like Google Voice.

To be able to call landlines, mobile phones, and softphones all at once, you need to use a Mobile & Cloud Switch, or mobila vaxlar & molnvaxlar in Swedish. This program allows you to call all sorts of phones through one interface.

3. Be Genuine

Like we’ve touched on in #1, you have to be genuine, even when reading off a script. Being genuine means being honest to your personality and believing in what you’re selling.

Most people, especially CEOs and business owners, can tell when they’re being sold snake oil by a bad salesman.

4. Be Assertive

Let’s face it. Cold calling is awkward. You’re calling someone you don’t know and intruding on their day.

But it’s only ever as awkward as you make it. If you’re being timid, it’ll only get worse. Listening to someone will make you uncomfortable, and you’re unlikely to buy something from someone that gives you a bad feeling.

Try turning your nervousness about cold calling into giddy, infectious excitement. You’ll be able to make more sales and get your prospective client on your side.

5. Don’t Bother with Voicemail

Most of your calls are going to go to voicemail. Maybe even over 50 percent. Some cold calling experts might suggest having a separate script for voicemails, but you shouldn’t bother with it at all.

How many promotional voicemails have you responded to? Probably none.

If your call goes to voicemail, just move on to the next phone number. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time pitching to someone who will never respond.

Ready to Try out These Cold Calling Tips?

Cold calling may seem exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be if you do it right. With these tips, you’ll knock ’em dead and bring in dozens of sales.

If you need help with any other aspect of your business, check out our business resources blog. We provide expert cold calling tips and much more!

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