5 Things Everyone Who Owns A Home Swimming Pool Should Have

Hanging out by the pool is one of the most popular summer activities. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s easy, relaxing, and if you’re a pool owner, it’s just a few steps away.

People who own backyard swimming pools become very popular when the mercury starts to rise.

However, owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibility. This means having the right equipment and features to keep your home swimming pool functioning well and looking good.

Let’s go over five things every pool owner must have.

1. A Dedicated Pool Technician

Swimming pools require regular maintenance, so it pays to find a quality pool service technician you can count on.

Of course, you’ll be doing some of the maintenance yourself, but you need someone who can handle more complex jobs and inspect your pool for issues. They can also come out each week during the summer and perform a cleaning.

It also helps to find a good retail outlet for pool supplies. They’ll be able to outfit you with everything you need to keep your pool looking good.

2. Accent Lighting

Typical swimming pool lights tend to be a bit boring and are prone to breakage. Instead, add accent lighting to your pool and give your backyard an illumination makeover.

LED pool lights can make your pool brighter and are also a more energy efficient solution. Plus, you can choose from different lighting styles and get the exact look you want.

If you really want to get fancy, go with accent lights that change color. These pool decorations will add some ambiance to your next evening barbeque.

3. Automatic Pool Skimmer

During the summer months, your pool gets a lot of use, which means it gets dirty faster. An automatic skimmer is a great way to keep the surface of your pool clean without the hassle.

These skimmers are very affordable and don’t use too much energy. They automatically remove any debris such as insects and foliage without you having to lift a finger.

Set your skimmer to run on a cycle or simply turn it on when needed.

4. Chemical Test Kit

The pH balance of your pool is critical, especially when it’s getting regular use. If the chemicals in your pool are out of balance, it can lead to skin irritation and other health issues.

You pool technician can shock your pool and level out the chemical balance, but it’s a good idea to have a test kit on hand.

These kits are easy to use and affordable. Ask your pool supply retailer about purchasing one.

5. A Waterfall

If you really want to spruce up the aesthetic of your pool, consider putting in a waterfall. In addition to adding an attractive visual component, a waterfall provides a soothing sound as well.

Although a bit more expensive than the other items on this list, they’re a great investment and will bring a little elegance to your pool and backyard.

Taking Care of Your Home Swimming Pool

Your pool is the place to be for family and friends during the summer. Make sure you have all the right tools to make it look great and remain in good condition.

If you don’t have these five home swimming pool accessories, get to your pool supply store today.

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