4 Tips for Keeping Your Heating and AC Costs Down

Just cooling homes in the U.S. costs us over $22 billion a year.

With this kind of spending, we could rival the amount that’s spent on science research by the government every year. Until we can get together and funnel our spending into more efficient heating and AC, we can work on keeping our costs down.

Simple solutions like insulation and painting our roofs are smart ways to change the temperature of our homes. While these are good passive ideas, using active ones is essential to making significant changes in your home’s utility bills.

If you want to bring your heating and AC costs down to a more manageable level, try these four tips.

1. Maintain Your System

Regular system maintenance can ensure that your heating and AC system works efficiently. Make sure that you’re changing your filters on a regular basis. Put it on your calendar as often as your HVAC specialists suggest.

Have them come by to look at your system once a year. If you’ve heard any noises or rattling, call them immediately. Call Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning if you need help with that.

Make sure your fans are free of dust and debris. That extra weight will cause them to burn the motors out.

2. Manage Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is the key to managing your heating and cooling system. If you’ve got a digital system, program it to turn off automatically at certain temperature thresholds. There’s no need to keep it running if it ends up making your home uncomfortable.

Also, be sure that the system isn’t running when you’re not even home. Your thermostat should be set to keep the system running low or not at all when you’re away.

3. Use Windows Wisely

Curtains could make all the difference when you’re worried about utility costs. Thick curtains could keep the sun out on blistering summer days and keep the heat in on frigid ones.

Your windows could also be leaking air from inside your home. If you want to keep the air in, make sure you’ve sealed and insulated your windows. Once you’re done for the season, make sure to open and clean them up.

Dust filling your home could make you sick, and that’s the last thing you want when perfect weather arrives. Check out our guide if you think you might need to replace your windows.

4. Use Appliances Sparingly

Be aware that the appliances you run will add heat to your home and cost you extra money. In the summer, when you’re sweltering and looking for relief, keeping the oven on or lights on could make it unnecessarily hot.

Be aware that high-efficiency lighting runs cooler than traditional or incandescent bulbs do. Keeping the lights off could be a big relief. When that’s not an option, put on some LED or fluorescent lights.

Your Heating and AC Bill Can Be Lowered Drastically

To lower your heating and AC costs, you have to be diligent. If you install an automated system, you’ll find it’s easier than having to watch the weather every day.

If you’re thinking of adding spray insulation to your home to lower costs, check out our guide to get to know the benefits.

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