How to Impress Your Customers With a Manufacturing Plant Tour

If you’re a manufacturing plant, there’s no better way to show off to your customers and investors than giving a plant tour. The thing is, manufacturing plants are busy – and potentially dangerous – areas.

You’ve got an average of seven seconds to make a great impression. You need to start strong and stay strong when giving manufacturing plant tours.

Before your customers or investors step foot in your plant, read this guide to learn how to put on the perfect tour!

Safety First

Although the most dangerous job is construction, machinery is responsible for some of the 99 deaths a week.

Your first priority is safety. Here are a few tips to share safety info with your visitors:

Provide a pamphlet with safety info before the plant tour

Show a safety video before entering the floor

Provide visitors with safety goggles, ear plugs, and/or a vest

Have a quiz on safety information after a demonstration

Start Your Plant Tour At The Beginning

How many employees are on the floor every day? When did your company start? What kind of products do you make?

Telling the story of who you are and why you do what you do helps keep your customers engaged.

It’s The Little Things

Another great way to make a good impression on your visitors? Anticipate their needs and take care of the little things.

This can be anything from starting on time to having fresh coffee and donuts in the reception area.

Another great idea? If your workplace is loud, try a service like They provide a system to help you be heard in loud environments and will make your plant tour memorable.

Get Your Employees On Board

Each of your employees is an ambassador for your company. Make sure to go over what’s expected of them during a tour.

This extends beyond the people on the floor. Your reception staff should receive your guests politely and be able to direct them as needed.

Show Off Your Goods

While the manufacturing and assembly process are fascinating, nothing beats an example of a finished product.

If you make candies or brew beer, your final product is pretty exciting on it’s own. If you make something more complicated like car parts, you’ll have to get creative.

Make something that’s too big to show off in one room or difficult to explain? Consider making a prototype and having a small version around for display.

Be Yourself!

Most importantly, show off what makes you unique during your plant tour. Let your employees’ personalities shine.

Be honest about your company’s strong suits and weak points. Lay it all out and show what you’re doing to be better tomorrow than you are today.

Honesty and transparency go a long way towards making a great impression.

You’re Ready To Show Off Your Plant!

With this guide, you’ve got everything you need to put on the perfect plant tour. You’re going to wow your guests and make your employees feel appreciated all at the same time.

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