5 Backyard Remodel Ideas You Can Do on Your Own

If your backyard has become a small landfill for rejects and project fails, don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you may think to whip it back into shape.

There are some great ways to revive the space so you can enjoy the season with your feet up. And, you don’t have to be a landscape designer or spend a month of weekends on it.

Backyard remodel ideas that make a big difference in your yard’s appeal can be very simple.

Whether it’s adding some new color to furniture or creating new spaces, you can do it yourself quick and easy.

Here’s a few backyard remodel ideas to get you started.

Make a New Path

Paths are a great way to break up square-shaped backyards and save lots of time on yard work, too. And, they can be casual by nature.

First, mark the path in the yard. There’s no wrong or right with this, so be creative. Use stakes every few feet so the width remains true.

Then, remove the sod for your path. This can be accomplished by killing the grass for large areas (salt works great). For small areas, use a garden spade to slice it off.

Then roll out landscape fabric (don’t use plastic) so weeds won’t come through. The fabric will also keep the material you decide upon in place.

Finally, cover the path with gravel or your choice of mulch.

Both gravel and mulch come in a wide variety of colors and textures. This way, you can match it to your yard or choose a color which accents the space.

Then, add some lights, benches, or seating along your new path.

Add a Trellis

Adding a trellis can spruce up your space and is one of the easiest DIY backyard remodeling projects there is. You can purchase these at any home store, or make one on your own.

A grapevine trellis is a simple, but sturdy project that will last several seasons. All you’ll need is two treated posts, galvanized steel wire, and a staple gun.

Once you’ve decided where to put it and the height (anywhere from 3-8 feet), a lumber department can cut the posts to your measurements.

They can also tell you the best quick-cement needed to hold them in place. A post-hole digger is an easy device for anyone, as it does the work for you. Once the posts are in place, wrap the steel wire around the posts and staple.

Then, plant your grapevine or any other climbing plant. As the vines grow, attach them to the steel wire with a string tied gently around the stems.

Paint the Furniture

One of the easiest backyard remodel ideas is to spruce up what you already have. If your outdoor furniture has seen better days, painting it with your choice of color can make it look like new.

And, if you have pieces of different styles, painting each with like colors will add great character to your seating.

There is just about any color available for wood, resin, plastic or metal. For best results, remove as much as the old paint as possible with sandpaper. If your furniture is plastic or resin, you can merely paint over the existing color.

Experts recommend using aerosol paint rather than brushing the paint on. For resin or plastic furniture make sure the paint is meant for hard-to-bond surfaces. You can even select specialized paint to match other decor, such as art or pictures from places like this website, you might have in your backyard area.

Then, add some new cushions or pillows. These are great finds at garage sales and thrift stores. You can really use your imagination here by choosing different patterns with the same colors.

Or, select a few different contrasting colors to mix it up.

Paint the Side of the House

The side of your house which faces the backyard is most likely not visible from the front. So, why not paint it a different color? Adding some new color to your backyard is important, and there’s no easier way than with some paint.

You can choose something bright and seasonal or go for muted earth tones. Choose from a wide variety of outdoor paints. You can find caulking for windows and doors which come in colors or the type which is paintable to match.

Then, add some window boxes or fun wall art. You can also paint matching plant containers or plant stands and place near doorways.

Spruce up the Concrete

If you have a concrete patio, and most people do, it doesn’t have to stay that way. In fact, concrete takes a beating in the weather and can show its age pretty quickly.

The concrete slab can be painted with outdoor grade cement paint. Or, you can take it to another level with outdoor slate tiles. And, they are installed just like indoor tiles.

Since most concrete patios are square, the square tiles are easy to fit. And, there are a great variety of colors and textures.

You’ll need to treat the concrete with waterproofing first and make sure tiles are slip resistant. Home store professionals can advise on the best products for outdoor use.

Backyard Remodel Ideas that Will Last

Backyard remodel ideas make perfect DIY projects. This is an area where you can let your personality be the motivation. Whether you prefer casual or more upscale, the design should reflect you.

When choosing your options, make sure you look for high-grade supplies for backyard remodeling. This way, you’ll know that the changes you make will last.

Good taste never goes out of style, but skimping on important steps of a project can make all that good taste (and hard work) go to waste.

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