How a DIY Solar Panel Installation Can End Up Costing You More

Are you ready to harness the power of solar energy?

Solar energy offers business and homeowners a means of powering their buildings with a renewable and emissions-free energy source.

What’s more, solar panels can save thousands of dollars a year, boost home value, and limit global fuel consumption.

If you are thinking about bringing solar energy into your home, you’ve made an environmentally-conscious decision. However, if you are thinking about installing solar panels yourself, think carefully before doing so.

DIY solar panel installation may not be the best idea. In this post, we’ll discuss why you should rely on professionals for implementing solar energy in your home!

1. Solar Panel Installation is Technical

You may feel that installing solar panels yourself is fairly straightforward. In fact, most people assume that solar panel installation largely involves a little bit of wiring and bolting the panels in place.

However, there are many things that inform solar panel installation and placement. Not all solar panels are created equal, for one thing, and the size of panel ideal for your home will depend on roof material, extent, and density.

Panels also have to be placed at a certain angle in order to maximize sun exposure. Some panels may not suit your home’s current wiring system.

It’s essential to consult professionals in the panel selection process itself. What’s more, only professionals will have the technical knowledge required for safe and effective installation.

2. You May Lose Power

Solar panels are designed to maximize available, renewable power, not compromise it. However, if you choose to install your own solar panels, you may be limiting the amount of power your home can receive in the long run.

Inaccurate wiring, placement, or selection of solar panels can minimize the amount of solar energy the panels receive and transmit. This is particularly true of panels are placed at an inappropriate angle or on a thin or damaged portion of a roof.

The loss of power over time may lead to greater reliance on non-sustainable energy sources. This can lower the value of your solar investment and increase energy costs per year.

3. Risk Damaging Your Panels

Improper panel placement can also lead to the worst case scenario: permanent damage to the panels themselves.

What’s more, consumers who are not well-versed in solar panels themselves are less apt to treat them with the care they require during and after installation. Improper maintenance can lead to cracking, overheating, or mere malfunction.

Solar panels are valuable, and they are worth every penny of the investment they require. Minimize risk of damage by hiring installation experts to handle panel placement and maintenance.

4. Wiring Can Be Hazardous

Handling electricity in any capacity is a hazardous activity. It’s critical to approach wiring of any building with appropriate tools and knowledge.

Even if you are familiar with the basics of electrical wiring, avoid a DIY solar panel installation. Improper or inadequate wiring can limit your panels’ ability to transmit power.

But it can also lead to fire hazards, as solar panels require high-voltage wiring in order to function. You could be electrocuted in the process of installing your own solar panels.

What’s more, ineffective wiring could lead to a house fire, shortcircuiting, and blown inverters.

Maximize the safety of you, your family, and your home by hiring a professional to take care of your solar energy implementation.

5. Miss Out on Savings

Most homeowners are exhilarated at the prospect of saving thousands of dollars a year on energy costs when they invest in solar power.

However, when you take charge of solar power on your own, you may be missing out on additional savings. These savings include rebates and discounts that some installation companies offer homeowners.

Most companies also offer leasing or financing options for individuals wanting to purchase an extensive solar power system.

Make the most of energy savings by calling an expert.

6. Risk Violation of Building Codes

Building codes and regulations vary from district to district within states themselves. It can be tricky staying on top of these regulations, but it’s essential to do so in order to risk fees and violations.

Some districts have certain standards for solar energy usage and other sustainable building practices. If you are thinking about DIY solar panel installation, you may have overlooked this fact.

A solar panel installation company will be familiar with building codes in your area. They will ensure that you stay within the boundaries of any regulations so that you can enjoy a fully legal installation process.

7. Professional Installation Services Aid in Maintenance

Most solar energy systems are fairly easy to maintain. However, professional assistance can go a long way in helping you stay on top of key maintenance designed to extend your panels’ lifespan as long as possible.

When you hire expert installation services, you also hire a support system that will stick with you through your sustainable homeownership. Installers can brief you on the installation process itself so that you are fully aware of any future maintenance needs.

You’ll also minimize your need for maintenance by hiring professional installers. You can have valuable peace of mind that your panels have been installed correctly so that you won’t have to anticipate problems any time soon.

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Avoiding DIY Solar Panel Installation

If you are considering bringing solar energy into your home, there are a few more things to keep in mind. You may be tempted to install your own solar panels, but a DIY solar panel installation can be dangerous and costly in the long run.

For one thing, the installation process itself is unique to every home and roof. It can be hazardous, particularly when it comes to the wiring. It is immensely technical and requires the guidance of experts.

A professional installation can help you minimize future maintenance needs and overall costs. Trusting the experts will lower your risk of damaging your panels and your roof. is here to help you find the businesses that accomplish everything you need, including solar panel installation.

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