How to Find the Best Camping Tents Online

Even as the world becomes more engrossed with the latest technology, more and more people are going camping. Over 13 million households report being campers.

Camping gear can be basic (shelter, water, food) or extravagant (read all about glamping here), but for the average person, camping starts with a tent. There are many options when shopping for one, which can be confusing.

If you are in need of a new tent, keep reading below for some important things to keep in mind as your search online for camping tents! Before you know it, you will be happily snoozing in nature.

People Capacity

When searching for your perfect tent online, you should first have an idea of the size you need. How many people do you want to fit in one tent? Are you or your intended guests claustrophobic?

These are good questions to consider before buying. There are no clear standards for space per person, but you should try to envision what will keep everyone most comfortable.

Assume you will be in tight corridors, but if you want some extra space, choose a tent that has a capacity one or two above your actual number of guests. The extra room is especially helpful if you are bringing children or pets.

Seasonal Considerations

Once you browse different sizes of camping tents and know what you want, you next need to choose one that will let you camp when you want. Just like outdoor furniture can only handle certain conditions, the same is true for tents.

A popular choice is the three season tent. These are usually lightweight, perfect for spring, summer, and fall. Typically, they have mesh panels to allow air to circulate. They can handle rain, but not strong storms.

Four season tents are designed to stay stable even in strong winds and snow. They use additional poles and thicker fabric to ensure a strong structure.

There is a third option, referred to as three to four season tent. These tents fall somewhere in between the two above options.

They are good for spring, summer, and fall, but go above the three season tents by being appropriate for early spring or late fall when snow begins.

In addition to choosing a tent that is right for your seasonal aspirations, don’t forget to buy gear that will keep you safe regardless of temperatures. View here for some quality options.

Door Options

One last thing to consider is the doors on your tent. Getting one with more than one door can help if you are camping with multiple people. It will help you avoid bumping into each other if you get up in the middle of the night.

Read reviews on how quiet the zippers are to avoid disturbing everyone sleeping.

Grab Your Camping Tents and Get Going

Use this information during your online shopping and you are sure to get a tent perfect for your next outing in the woods.

Whether you are planning a camping trip to celebrate a special anniversary or birthday, a great tent will ensure it’s a success.

Have your next trip planned? What awesome place are you going to go? Let us know in the comments!

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