10 Tips for Choosing a House Cleaning Service

Did you know that 47% of couples argue about cleaning?

Arguments like this can put a real strain on your relationship. Don’t let something that can be so easily handled have such an impact, hire a professional cleaning service.

You may be thinking that you have hired house cleaning services and been disappointed with them in the past.

But if you have come to this article, that means you might be ready to hear a little more information about it.

With the right knowledge to back up your decision, you will be able to find a service that gets your home clean quickly and just the way you like it.

So what kind of tips are there for finding these dream-making house cleaning services? Read on to find out.

1. Interview Multiple Professional House Cleaning Services

Whether you are hiring a team or an individual, you need to be comfortable with the people that will be coming into your house.

If you are interviewing with a large company, ask them whether the same person will be sent all the time or if they rotate the staff with whoever is available.

When someone is entering your house, it’s nice to have the opportunity to get familiar with them so that over time you can allow them to enter when you aren’t home.

But there are advantages to having a team or a rotating individual clean your house as well.

For example, if one person misses something then perhaps the person who comes next time will clean that area.

2. Make Sure They are Licensed and Insured

All businesses that provide a service should carry some form of insurance and the proper licenses. This is the only way you can ensure the items in your home will be replaced or repaired if an item is broken.

It’s also the only way you are protected in the case that someone is injured cleaning the gutters on your property. You don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of medical bills from a shady service provider.

3. Decide What Services You Need

There are a variety of professional cleaning services that most businesses offer. You will need to first decide whether you want someone to come on a weekly, every other week, monthly, or one-time basis.

A good way to decide what your needs are is to write out a list of everything that you want to be done and estimatie a reasonable amount of time that each task will take.

Then you will have an idea of how much time you need to purchase.

You should also discuss with them what parts of the house they will be cleaning so that they can come prepared.

4. Get Prices in Writing

Sometimes a business will try to pull one over on you by tacking hidden fees onto your bill.

Make sure that you get them to submit a schedule of all the fees to you in writing so that you can confront any unexpected payments with confidence.

5. Alert the Service of Any Allergies or Pets

Whenever someone new comes into your home it’s important to talk to them about any potential allergens in the space. But this is especially true when it comes to a cleaning service.

If you make them aware of the dander or pollen that seems to be present, then they will be able to use specific techniques to remove the aggravating substance.

You should always alert house cleaning services to the presence of any animals in your home as well.

If you have a dog with a lot of fur, they may want to allocate more time to clean your floors or charge you an additional fee. It’s best to know this up front if you want to avoid unexpected charges later.

6. Establish Who Supplies the Cleaning Products

Every company will have different standards for the cleaning products they use.

For some, they spray the same cleaner all over your house and seem to just wipe everything down. But other will bring in boxes of different supplies and choose specific bottles for individual jobs around your home.

If you want to be sure that your house is cleaned the way you like it, then it’s a good idea to buy your own cleaning products or have an intensive discussion with your house cleaner to establish the standards you expect.

7. Discuss Who Will Be There

Before you can start doing business with house cleaning services, you should talk to them about who will be present in your home at the time.

Some companies prefer that you remain present while others expect you to become comfortable and to allow them to enter and leave at their leisure.

Make sure you know who will be coming, how long they will stay, and whether you should empty your schedule before you sign a contract.

I recommend being present for at least the first session so that you can provide specific instructions and directions for the work you want to be done.

8. Ask For a Trial Period

Before you commit, you can always ask for a trial period of house cleaning services.

Although most businesses don’t ask you to sign a contract, firing someone can be a difficult thing to do. It’s much easier to just not extend the trial.

9. Ask For References

There is no reason you should be the guinea pig for a rookie house cleaning service.

Make sure you ask them to provide you with references and contact information so that you can see what kind of reputation they have.

10. Don’t Just Choose the Lowest Bidder

Although saving money is always great, when it comes to house cleaning services, choosing the lowest bidder can lead to theft and dishonesty.

Make sure that you do your research before choosing a provider.

Where to Find Professional House Cleaning Services

Opening up your house to a stranger is always nerve-wracking. And when they will potentially be in your home by themselves, this threatening feeling gets even greater.

It’s enough to make you shy away from hiring someone to help you at all. But there are many trustworthy and successful cleaning services out there and knowing how to find them is the first step.

Now that you have some tips, you’re ready to find a business that suits your needs.

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