6 Reasons to Work with a Real Estate Consultant

Perhaps it’s the incredible blueness of Lake Tahoe. Or the compelling allure of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Or the simple fact that it’s surrounded by majestic, breathtaking nature.

From its sheer beauty to its extensive entertainment options to its lovely people. These are just a few of the reasons it gets about 200,000 visitors a week!

Whatever the case is, you’ve decided it’s time to become a North Lake Tahoe real estate property owner. And why you’re now wondering whether to hire a real estate consultant.

The first step to enjoying all these and more is investing in the right property. And this means working with a highly experienced real estate consultancy professional. Why this kind of pro though?

We’ve compiled six of the top reasons behind the critical roles real estate consultancy services play in your property purchase. (These apply to any other part of the country too!)

1. Your Very Own Property (and Financial) Advisor

First off, let us congratulate you for your great decision to own a property in Lake Tahoe. There are so many things to love about this spot within the California-Nevada border that it’s highly rated by the U.S. News & World Report.

Note though, that like everywhere else in the country, buying a home (or real estate property) is one of, if not the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. And it’s not just about finances. It’s just as much of a legal responsibility too.

All these real estate laws and regulations are further complicated by individual state and local governments. For instance, to purchase property in Lake Tahoe, whether as a primary home or a vacation house, you need be aware of specific laws.

Like the TRPA (Tahoe Regional Planning Agency) and other building restrictions, for example.

These codes place limitations on building, remodeling, landscaping, and other improvements that homeowners can do on their property. And it’s just one area of the real estate law in this part of the country.

All these and more are why you’ll always find experts recommending buyers (especially first-timers) to consult with real estate professionals. Like the well-trusted website Bankrate, for example. Even Zillow highly advises working with local real estate pros.

With the help of an experienced real estate consultant, you can avoid being in trouble with the law. Or at least disappointments because you’ve planned before knowing building restrictions.

2. Exclusive Investment Activity Advice

A real estate agent is different from a real estate consultant. While they have certain responsibilities that overlap sometimes, the former has sole duty to you alone. In other words, you’ll get tailored advice for the wisest financial and investment activities to take and pursue.

Real estate consulting firms deliver a wide array of services through their extensive network. For instance, they can help you locate the right mortgage lender, contractors, property developers, and other must-work with professionals of the real estate industry.

All these connections are particularly useful to first-time buyers and investors. Imagine the time you can save on no longer having to build your own list of professional contacts from scratch. That’s a lot of precious time – time you can otherwise spend choosing amongst your prospective property choices.

3. Impressive Negotiation Skills

A real estate consultant basically functions as a middleman between you (the buyer) and the property seller. But unlike real estate agents, a consultant works solely for you and your best interests. After all, it’s also in their best interests to make certain you have as smooth and as problem-free a purchase as possible.

Since a consultant serves as your advertiser too, you can expect them to deal with the negotiations part of the process too. Don’t worry; consultants with lengthy experience have impressive skills when it comes to extracting the best possible deal for you.

4. Say Goodbye to Paperwork Hassles

All property purchases, no matter where in the country (Lake Tahoe or not), always come with loads of paperwork. With all the documents involved, it’s easy to confuse and overwhelm anyone – especially first-timers. That, and the time needed to go through everything.

There’s also the risk of missing important details that can make or break your property purchase. The slightest error or overlooked detail can mean thousands and thousands of dollars that go to unnecessary costs.

The good news is, this is another area that a real estate consultant specializes in. Dealing with all the nightmares that usually accompany paperwork and bureaucracy – that’s part of the responsibilities they shoulder.

All throughout the procedure – from sifting throughout the documents to signing them – you can rest assured of their presence. You can rely on their guidance and expertise in answering your questions and inquiries, to ensure you’re not blindly entering an agreement.

And most importantly, they’ll ease your concerns using their skills and knowledge of the property market. That’s the reason you need and want to hire one, after all.

5. Highlighting Property Faults and Features

Whether it’s Lake Tahoe or anywhere else in the country, a real estate consultant is there to give you guidance on each property you’re interested in. And this means pointing out both features and faults of the property.

For instance, they can easily spot another great use for an extra bedroom or outdoor space in one of your property prospects. They’ll give you good advice on how to take advantage of such opportunities. At the same time, they’ll also inform you right away of any potential problems with a building’s structure.

All in all, your chosen agent, so long as you made the right choice, will guide you throughout the entire buying process.

6. Keeping You from Tax Troubles

A real estate consultant has a complete understanding of tax laws in their local areas. And in the real estate industry, there are so many rules and regulations that an average (especially a first-timer) buyer can handle.

Tax troubles can quickly arise when you don’t have a knowledgeable and experienced consultant on your side. With one on your team though, you can make certain you do good on your tax obligations and avoid severe penalties from the authorities.

Your Buying Expedition Starts with Hiring a Real Estate Consultant

A real estate consultant often makes for a better choice than a real estate agent, given the former’s more extensive services. So, consider hiring a consultant especially if this is your first time in the buyer’s market.

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