7 Marketing Tips To Make Customers Thirst For Your Water Distiller

For small companies looking to get their name out there, it most likely means doing so on a limited budget.

Fortunately, for smaller water distiller companies, there are efficient ways to get a lot of bang for your marketing dollar. Also, you don’t have to spend like a large company to be effective in marketing your brand.

Some marketing tips are provided to help out on this topic, below.

Tip #1: Water Distiller Content Online

Content that essential given the amount of time people spend online.

The great thing is, to save cost, you can even do a lot of the work yourself. Even if writing isn’t your strong suit!

Below are some more specifics as it relates to marketing content:

  • Top 10 lists are always a good idea to generate clicks.
  • Consider writing about best practices in the water distiller related industry.
  • Try compiling tips of the trade and advice that is relevant to your company.
  • People love to consume infographics online.
  • Templates can be rather helpful, and provide a visual framework that people can modify on their own.
  • Graphs and charts, similar to infographics, are easier for people to consume relative to long text-based articles.
  • eBooks and 101 guides are good because will link to them and help drive more traffic to your website.
  • Don’t forget to blog about hot topics in your industry.
  • Webinars and slide shares are similar to PowerPoint presentations and can demonstrate your expertise.

For help locating a business that can help provide services related to building out your content check out an online registry of vendors.

Tip #2: Video Content

Video can prove very helpful in bringing in viewers and having them retain information.

In fact, the retention rate for info via video is 65% as opposed to 10% for text-based info. Just think how much easier doing a product demonstration is with video, just to name one example.

Producing a professional video to be aired on YouTube can be relatively costly. It can be worth trying to find a freelance specialist via a website like Craigslist that can help produce marketing video content.

Keep in mind that modern smartphone video technology has come a long way should you attempt the do-it-yourself route.

The newest iPhones, for example, can shoot beautiful 4k footage. Also to increase visual quality keep in mind tripods, and a second microphone can assist in upping the overall quality.

If you are a company like Rocky Mountain Water Distillers and need to produce online content, here are some ideas to keep in mind:

  • Feature demos. This is great for a new product or cool new feature that you just rolled out and can be shared with both current customers and sales leads.
  • Tips and how-tos. A feature demo is usually instructional. But for this tips video, the intent is to really make it help the intended audience perform/work better.
  • Customer testimonial. A lot of companies repurpose testimonials in their marketing strategy, but a video is a great way to interview satisfied customers.
  • Value props. These are videos intended to show your value statement and focus on benefits versus the logistics of how your product functions.
  • Webinars. Videos can be used to promote and prompt people to register for upcoming webinars and similar events.
  • Expert Q&As. This way the content isn’t coming directly from you, but from an expert or influence in your the water distiller related industry.

Tip #3: Start a Podcast

Podcast interviews can be powerful because people, be it in your company or overall industry, generally love to tell their story.

Some of the statistics on podcasts are amazing, with 67 million Americans listening to podcasts monthly. Note that marketing via podcast is unique and requires balancing several elements to achieve a good performing campaign.

With podcasts being an audio-only medium, there is a degree of creativity required since you cannot rely on visuals to tell the story.

One recommendation before going the podcast route is knowing who your potential listeners are. For example, not everyone in your target demographic may use iTunes so try creating a page on your website that will host and list the podcasts.

Tip #4: Weekly Newsletters

To create a marketing newsletter that people will actually read, it might sound obvious, but make sure you actually need one.

This will require first doing some research, and consider checking to see what other companies in the water distiller space are doing with newsletters.

Some common reasons for doing a newsletter include helping to better qualify sales leads and keeping current customers engaged with your company.

Tip #5: Cool Giveaways

One thing about the water distiller business is that if you give away a product, at least it has enough value where the person receiving it shouldn’t consider tossing it into the garbage. This, unfortunately, is a problem that a lot of companies do encounter, depending on the value of the giveaway.

Giveaways can help with the following metrics: capturing leads, driving website traffic, increasing the reach of your message and generating more top-line sales.

Remember, contests and giveaways are two separate things. Also, sweepstakes do not equal free offers or giveaways.

Tip #6: Cause-Related Marketing

Pick a cause, more related to the water distiller industry the better, to sponsor.

Cause-related marketing aims to support a good and valid cause, with the intent that over time that goodwill can translate to increased sales.

Just make sure both the cause, and the implementation is legit. The term “greenwashing” has come to light over the past several years as many companies claim to be running a campaign to benefit the environment, when in reality that isn’t the case.

Tip #7: Networking Events

Networking events allow small and medium-sized businesses in the water distiller field to stay on top of emerging trends. These events are also a good time to ensure your “elevator pitch” is refined since you will be speaking to people in your respective niche.

Make sure to appeal to people at these events in a way that is genuine, or risk coming across as too pushy or focused on making a quick sale.

Time to Start Marketing Your Business

By now you should have several ideas for a starting point to market your business for low, or no cost.

With the power of the internet, it is possible to reach a highly targeted segment of people that are interested in exactly the product your company has to offer.

For the latest business marketing strategies for improving, and promoting your business check out this blog to learn more.

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