Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in the U.S.

The U.S. government made health insurance mandatory in the last few years. If you don’t declare/purchase coverage, you’re given a hefty tax fine. Though it seems intense, this policy has your best interest at heart.

Now that you know you need coverage, how do you choose? It can be hard to sort through all the available information. Thankfully, we’re listing our top 10 health insurance companies to lighten the load.

Educate yourself below.

1. United Healthcare

United Healthcare insures millions of people worldwide and hundreds of thousands in the U.S. They are a large for-profit organization who netted a few billion last year.

According to their sources, they’re focused on technology and medical innovation. They have a high customer satisfaction rating for claim processing and price value.

2. Anthem

Anthem prides themselves on simple insurance plans. They insure around 40 million Americans per year with their varied health plans.

If you live somewhere without good access to medical care, Anthem has a live-doctor app. Their goal is to get more people seen by doctors and make healthcare more accessible.

3. Aetna

The Aetna group provides insurance to around 35 million Americans. They provide both medical and dental insurance and were just bought by CVS Health.

Their marketing campaigns concentrate on helping members, “achieve their ambitions.” At Aetna, “You don’t join us, we join you”. Their online reviews are mixed, though customers appreciate their lower-end pricing.

4. Kaiser Permanente

Of all the top 10 health insurance companies, Kaiser has the loudest reputation in the medical community. Their healthcare plans work in harmony with their many hospitals and clinics.

People using the mostly all-inclusive Kaiser health plans like not going through a middleman. You can check their plans online or see if you qualify for their charitable health coverage.

5. Cigna Health Group

Cigna health insurance is unique in that it’s one of the few companies that offers global insurance coverage. If you travel often, look into their international plans.

Their family and individual plans do their best to be affordable and they have 24/7 support for veterans. In regards to accessibility, Cigna rolled out a prescription delivery program last year.

6. Humana

If you live a state where Humana’s available, look into their coverage. People in their 22 state coverage area love their prices and customization options.

Need more than basic coverage? You’re in luck. Humana offers vision and dental add-ons for any regular plan. See if your area is Humana friendly on their website.

7. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield prides themselves on making health a part of their customer’s life. With over 30 different choices, it’s easy to find an averagely priced plan that’s right for you.

They are one of the most comprehensive of our top 10 health insurance companies with their health and wellness discount network.

8. Assurant

Smaller than the other companies, Assurant makes up for its size with more accessibility. People who pay the slightly higher than average prices get more provider choices.

They offer short-term ACA compliant plans, as well as international coverage.

9. Emblem

If you live in the population-packed state of New York, you probably have access to Emblem Health. This unique non-for-profit provider is community and member-focused.

It seems they have programs for everything, like hormone therapy. To learn more about this type of therapy, find out more here.

10. HCSC Group

The final provider on our list is completely customer owned. Like the credit unions of healthcare, it’s cheaper thanks to less company overhead. Members seem to like being a part of the bigger picture and give good reviews.

Choosing One of Our Top 10 Health Insurance Companies

Now that you’ve read our ten top picks, go back to the top three that sound like a good fit. Once you’ve compared their prices, coverage, and relevance to your family, you can choose a plan with confidence.

We’re all about helping consumers make good choices. Need to find another business or organization that’s right for you? We’ve got everything you need to get started.

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